How many times have you seen such scam ads?

And the problem with these kind of offer is 3-fold...

  • 1
    90% of them will sell you the dreaded Herbalife shake which is now proven to cause LIVER DAMAGE.
  • 2
    NONE of them are based on sustainable strategies. You see, anyone can "lose" weight, it's the "maintaining it" part where almost all women fail!
  • 3
    Finally, those who don't sell shakes will give you the infamous "1200 calorie" diet plans (for ₹3000-4000/month!) that crashes your metabolism and STOPS any and all weight loss.

Point being... whenever I see such ads and offers, it boils my blood to shout the TRUTH even louder! This is yet another reason our programs are priced so less compared to these "offers"!!