When we say "cardio sucks", we are implying the typical aerobic type of training (with a steady heart rate) done via using many of the typical machines - the treadmill, the elliptical bicycle, etc.

Although there's nothing wrong with these machines, they FAIL for more than 8 out of 10 women to give any decent fat loss results.


Because body fat that you are trying to lose is simply stored energy. Its like a reserve petrol tank in the event you run out of food to eat.

Your body will ONLY break down stored body fat if you are not eating enough food to fuel your body though its daily activities. 

What most people are trying to do is create this “deficit” by doing more exercises (read:cardio). The problem here is - our bodies are extremely energy efficient. Meaning, we are excellent at NOT burning a lot of energy. Therefore, we don’t burn very many calories during “cardio” sessions. 

To get rid of excess body fat, you absolutely must adjust your diet. This means eating less than what your body needs and what you are used to eating in order to place the body in an energy deficit. Only in this scenario will the body begin to mobilize its fat stores and you will lose weight. Forget all of the endless cardio sessions… they WON’T WORK.

The most effective weight loss approach is to form the two vital habits required for long term fat loss - strength training (or weight training) in conjunction with a good, healthy nutrition plan.

So is cardio totally unnecessary?
No, cardio has it's place. But let's keep that discussion for another day. For now, just remember that simply doing endless cardio sessions will not do much.