Yoga All The Way!

Adopted by millions around the world and now neglected by the developers themselves, Yoga has never had as many practitioners as it does today. Yoga, a not so famous form of exercise until a few years ago, offers mind-blowing benefits to its practitioners which no other single form of exercise can. Not merely a form of exercise, …

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quinoa kheer

Best Quinoa Recipes

In our previous article we had a look at Quinoa- The Superfood (here). We listed out its numerous benefits apart from concluding that the only disadvantage of Quinoa is it’s steep price. However, that should not stop you from adopting this highly beneficial grain; since it almost comes with a guarantee that it will save …

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Should you adopt the highly acclaimed ‘Superfood’- Quinoa?

Often referred to as a ‘superfood’, Quinoa is a rich source of fiber and protein. In fact, it is known to contain more protein than most of the other grains, while also being rich in iron and potassium. Classified as a whole grain, Quinoa is also gluten free which is another plus point of the grain (read more about whole grains and gluten, here). It is a …

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Go Nuts! For Better Health!

Nuts are extremely good for one’s health, and are vastly underrated as nutritious food. Artificially produced dietary and energy supplements are more relied on than the natural foods and hence a lot of people do not realize the value of certain natural foods. Nuts are a prime example of such foods. Raw tree nuts, such as almonds, …

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