Weight Loss Diet Plan

The 30 Day Weight Loss Diet Plan Perfect for Indians – Let’s Begin… It is no secret that most of us Indians dream about having a fit and lean body for years, but don’t know how to go about it. With so many weight loss programs that are being endorsed these days, so many nutritionists …

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Weight Loss Tips (Part 2)

Continuing our Weight Loss Tips (Part 2)This is part 2 of our practical fat loss tip. (Part 1 is here). So we’ll dive in, we are continuing on our first, Diet Tips section… 20. Measure Up!Measuring your daily food proportions is not only a great habit while losing weight but it is also a great thing if …

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47 Weight Loss Tips

47 Weight Loss Tips – For The Practical Indian With this epic blog post, you will learn the BEST weight loss tips (for Indians), and you will learn what you need to start doing to lose that ugly fat and what it takes to reach your weight loss goals. This post is in 2 parts, …

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How To Lose Weight – Part 2

How To Lose Weight – Part 2Importance of Exercise To Lose Ugly FatNope, you don’t have to live at the gym! Moderate exercise combined with dietary restrictions works wonderfully well. Take the help of a trainer if you decide to use the gym. Walking is always best and combined with slight running will also prove …

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How To Lose Weight – Part 1

Overweight Indians, Here’s How You Lose Weight – (Part 1 of 2)In our very first blog post on Scientific Nutrition, we are going to head on tackle the NUMBER ONE question we all have – How to lose weight! This series is broken down into 2 parts for easy digestion (pun not intended!) and there is also …

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