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10 Simple And Delicious Apple Recipes

Like we promised you, here are 10 completely different and delicious and simple apple recipes.Slow Cooker Double Ginger Apple ButterThis butter is sure to tingle the tastebuds of your family and friends while also supplying to a generous amount of nutrients, especially antioxidants. Find the recipe, here.Microwave Baked AppleThis easy-to-make recipe will be ready before you know …

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3 unusual methods of losing fat

Gym membership. Check. ✔ No sweets. Check. ✔ No oil. Check. ✔ Now whether you have checked the above parameters or not, the fact that you have somehow reached this page is enough of an indicator that your body fat is bothering you and that you wish to lose fat. (see these posts, if it’s thigh fat or belly fat that’s particularly the problem) Fats make the body a host …

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Antioxidants: The Most Underrated Nutrient

Something that goes against oxygen is an essential nutrient? YES! On an average, you can last without food for up to 3 weeks, without water for up to 4-5 daysbut barely a minute without the ever so essential oxygen. So what’s the need to counter such an important element? Oxygen is a highly reactive element and can very easily become a ‘free radical.’ Free radicals in optimum …

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2 Methods To Lose Thigh Fat

Here’s How Indian Women Can Lose Thigh Fat Thunder Thighs! A 2 word phrase very much Indian and sometimes even a compliment in certain southern states. But not so much when you have to lose that ugly thigh fat! So no matter who they are, every person (especially women) wants to lose the excess fat …

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Yoga For Weight Loss

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?tl;dr Yes it can, and very well!A quick history of YogaTraditionally speaking, the term yoga actually comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘yuj’—which means “to yoke or harness.” How does this relate to yoga and weight loss? Well, in our beloved India, in order to control an ox you would have …

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How To Lose Belly Fat

Oh God! Why The Belly Fat! (and How To Lose It…)This biggg blog post focuses on the Definition of Belly Fat, Types of Belly Fat, Causes of Belly Fat, the Effects of Belly Fat on our social life, general body health, and finally how to get rid of it!What is Belly Fat?“Fat” is an important …

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