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  • Sanyukta Paranjape

  • I was able to lose 11kgs in less than 7 months…

    … and I did it without counting calories or going on a diet!

    I was able to lose 11kgs in less than 7 months…
    … and I did it without counting calories or going on a diet!

    – Sanyukta Paranjape (Mumbai)

    See How She Did It  

Our Programs & Foods Are Supported By 450+ Scientific and Research Studies Done By:

  • [extra href=”” title=”National Center for Biotechnology Information. Q U.S. government-funded national resource for molecular biology information.” info=”tooltip” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”] National Center for Biotechnology Information[/extra]
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  • [extra href=”” title=”The ADA has invested more than $770 million in more than 4,600 diabetes research studies.” info=”tooltip” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]American Diabetes Association[/extra]
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What We Do

We help our fellow Indians improve their health & fitness, while permanently banishing obesity from their lives.

How It Works

It works through our foods, supplements, fitness programs and mentoring which are ALL research and science backed.

We Can Help You

We can help you lose weight and get fit(ter) because we have done it for over 15+ years and with 100’s of people.

Over 98% Of Our Members Agree:

Scientific Nutrition is different

Over the last 15+ years, we’ve seen countless fad diets, “magic pills” and a number of diet shakes come and go…

However… when the fads run out, the pills do nothing, and the shakes reduce bank balance rather than tummies…people turn to us!

Fat loss & fitness through science, not miracles

Mr. Karthik Iyengar

(Apparel showroom owner)

“… I had been underweight all my life… but was able to put on 12kgs of muscle mass in 8 months thanks to Dr. Dave’s help…”

Mrs. Roshni Singh

(H.R. Manager in a Pvt. Co.)

“… I just had 6-7 months before my wedding, Shubha M’aam helped me get back to my old size without ever starving myself!”

Mr. Gagan Singh Rajput

(Web Developer in Mumbai)

“… (as I am) always online, I must have tried at least 10 different things before getting a chance to try this great program.”

Miss. Preeti Bedekar


“… after seeing 74kgs on the scale, I knew I had to do something! SN team helped me get back to 65kgs in less than a year…”

Things Are NOT Looking Great in India!

For the past couple of years, India’s obesity graph is on the path to breaking all world records.

Sadly, this also means a parallel boom in dubious “quick fix” products (weight loss pills, powders) without much (or any!) scientific studies or backing.

In fact, at any time, over 80% of our new members have already tried at least 2 such failed products or diets in the last 12 months.

Hence, as an answer to the “What do I do about my weight?” question, we are bringing our combined fitness knowledge of over 50 years online!

INTRODUCING: India’s FIRST Online & Research Backed Fat Loss Program For Women…

Lean Queen!

What is Lean Queen?

Lean Queen is India’s first 100% online, science and research backed fat loss program.

It is a “self paced” online program that teaches our clients how to reduce their excess body fat and improve their health and fitness…

… without counting calories, logging in apps, keeping calorie notes, or doing any complicated math at every meal!

In short, Lean Queen is the most practical “habit based” fat loss program in India today.

Find Out More About Lean Queen

“Losing weight and getting/being fit is not a one-time event, it’s a lifelong process.


Join us to make the above slogan a reality in YOUR life…

Team Scientific Nutrition