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Alright, did you know...

That 8 out of 10 overweight Indians have PROBLEMS that go MUCH DEEPER than “just being overweight”… 

The entire “range of problems” looks something like this:

  • In 8 out of 10 people, obesity messes up your health in multiple ways (menstruation problems, PCOS, thyroid, sugar/insulin resistance, heart disease, risk of severe infection in COVID19!, etc.)
  • It  screws up your confidence  (“Will I look fat in this dress?” or “Will my mother/MIL comment tomorrow at dinner?” or “Am I being overlooked at work due to my weight?” or “I will never look or feel like when I was 20!”)
  • Most overweight people are also  quickly judged by your appearance and often lack the positive attention you deserve! (From your spouse, in-laws, friends, colleagues, superiors, etc.)
  • Your obesity is joked about, and eventually you too JOIN the fun... but in your heart... you really want it to stop!
  • Finally, your obesity eventually defines you,  which is the worst thing that should happen to you!

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