Team Scientific Nutrition

The pride of our startup, Team Scientifc Nutrition is the perfect blend of young and experienced players! We have veterans like Dr. Ram Dave and Dr. Oke, our go to experts for anything that comes up with regards to fitness and biology.

Then we have the young team comprising of our founder Amod Oke, our technology wiz Madhu, and our customer happiness obsessed Pranali.

Here’s a page where everyone on the team finally gets a face!


Dr. Ram Dave


Dr. Dave is a medical Doctor by education (M.D. Pathology) and a veteran fitness trainer and expert.

Having won numerous awards and accolades in the fitness world, he has literally transformed the lives of hundreds (if not thousands) through his fitness programs, lectures and demonstrations.

It’s hard to believe that this Macho man is a senior citizen and a grandfather of 3 kids! And that’s why it’s not odd then that his eldest grandson has just started his training in Judo!


Amod Oke


Amod is the founder and brains behind Scientific Nutrition.

A self-proclaimed nutrition geek, he’s always the first to start a fight whenever there’s a Nutrition argument (and someone who doesn’t stop complaining about his ‘Ectomorph’ genes!)…

Apart from being our founder, he is a digital marketing wiz, a certified Precision Nutrition (USA) Level 1 coach and a Crossfit L1 trainer.


Shubha Dave


Dr. Dave’s better half, Shubada ma’am has personal training experience of over 3 decades.

She has won many fitness awards and has even been part of the core training team of Miss India contestant in 2002 (when Celina Jaitley won the pageant).

She is a super chef who loves to cook nutritious foods for us, and quite honestly, she’s the fittest grand- mother we know!


Dr. Vidyadhar Oke


Dr. Oke is a M.D. (Pharmacology) and has a profile that simply cannot be summed up here. You won’t find a more qualified person to talk about supplements and biology than this man.

He has registered over 100 new medical drugs in India over a career spanning 30 years in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Apart from medicine, he is an accomplished Musician (having accompanied the likes of Asha Bhosale), an experienced Astrologer, Author, and a Music Researcher.