Now, lets' begin...

Today, we go beyond just food and look at 2 behaviors that are critical for long-term fat loss.

And in spite of what you do, whether you join one of our programs, or whether you go to the gym, or even if you try some fad diet, unless you adopt these 2 behaviors, you will not see great results.

So let’s go…

First of all...I must begin by mentioning 100's of scam messages on Whatsapp and Facebook, promising you "10kg fat loss in 10 days", or asking you to buy some detox kits, or some other idiotic stuff like sauna belts, ab machines and what not…

Do people seriously think these products work!?

I mean have these companies gone mad!?

A sauna belt? You really think that by sweating, you’ll lose fat? No. 

You really think some powder will detox your body, No. Your liver, skin, stomach, kidneys, they are working non-stop to neutralize any toxin your body might be exposed to. You cannot detox and cleanse from outside. It’s scientifically laughable.

However, forget about all those nonsense products...

ALL these companies, health blogs, fitness magazines, even the so called experts... literally EVERYONE fails to deal with

The Elephant In The Room!
The *ROOT CAUSE* That Makes You Fail At Losing Weight...

And finding this root cause should be your first order of business!

Here's why...

When most women decide to lose weight, this is usually what happens...

  • 1
    One look in the mirror and you know for sure, you need to lose 10, 20, or even maybe 30kg.
  • 2
    So you decide ---> New GOAL = Lose 20kg!
  • 3
    Then you decide to get help. You think -  "Hmmm... but where? Ok, I'll do this - I'll go to that XYZ dietitian and get a 'perfect' diet plan for me."
  • 4
    Yippie! It's a shiny new diet plan! Let’s go…

And then the next few weeks go something like this...

Day 1-10 = Alright, I need to lose 20lg, and I honestly hope it works this time with this new diet plan… fingers crossed!

Day 10-20 = I have lost about 1/2 to 1kg, seems to be working.  Yay... so far so good…

Day 20-30 = I’ve lost 1.5kg now, but this is not as fast as the dietician claimed. Also it’s getting difficult to eat as per their plan and/or count calories at every meal.

Day 30-40 = WTH! I gained 1kg back... I’m almost back where I started, this is clearly not working out.

Day 40-50 = The diet was a scam! I want my money back. It doesn’t work.

Somewhere around day 60-100 = Still need to lose 20kg, what do I do? Someone help me!

Hmm, maybe I should try that detox thing! Let me see if there are any reviews…

Don’t we all know this story!?"


Did you know… in the first place…

  • 1
    It's NEVER YOUR FAULT that the diet plans fail… 9/10 of them tell us WHAT to do, not HOW to do it (meaning how to deal with our busy schedules, kids, odd work shifts, no time for ‘clean meals’…)
  • 2
    It’s NOT YOUR FAULT you can’t stick with these plans. Who has the time to log calories, measure portions EVERY DAY... at every meal?
  • 3
    And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT you don’t have crazy willpower to just “breathe through the pain”!

In fact, it is proven by multiple studies that food has the same addictive effects as drugs (1)(2)(3)(4).

But we don’t tell drug addicts to “just be strong”, or “try to control yourself”… so why should you be told that!

Listen... and this is the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM...

For one reason or the other, we’re unable to *STICK* with a fat loss plan.

Big deal, so what, right?

Well, it IS a big deal.

It is the biggest deal in your fat loss journey.


You don’t fail to lose weight (or keep it off) because you’re eating all the wrong foods, or doing some wrong exercises, or that you don’t have some *secret* diet.

You fail because we keep changing the diet, the dietitian, the trainer, the plan, the motivation source… everything but… *yourself*.

And 'changing yourself' simply means...

We change everything... but our daily behavior.

When we don't have the required habits to follow a plan and stick with it... how can the plan help?

It might be the best diet on the planet, but it's useless when you don't have the required habits to stick to it...

What you DO, your ACTIONS, your HABITS, every single day, consciously or unconsciously creates the life (and body) you have today.

Read that again.

That's the root cause of 99% people who fail at losing weight.

On the other hand...

  • IF you developed habits to stick to a decent fat loss plan, you think you would not see the results after a few months? Of course you would.
  • IF you had the habit of eating the right foods, no matter what, would that not help you?
  • What with an exercise habit? If you developed a habit of working out regularly, will it not show you good results?

Of course they all will!

And this is exactly what happens with 99% people who want to lose weight.

For example...

  • Fad diet plans DO work... for a while.
  • Workouts featuring models/actresses DO motivate... for a while.
  • Videos on YouTube DO inspire... for a while.

Many things work... but only for a while.

Something like this...

And this persistent failure was what prompted me to ask myself....

What exactly are the women who lose weight AND keep it off for years, do differently than the rest of us?"

Is there really some secret, some pill or shake that they don't tell us about?

Well no, but they all have ONE thing in common.

And I found it after going through 120+ "Success Story" blogs.

Yes... there IS actually a big secret that the healthiest, happiest people on the planet know that most of us don’t.

And no, it's not some extreme workout or some secret diet.

In fact, I found out about it only after I sought out, got on the phone, interviewed, studied and analyzed dozens of these Indian women and their weight loss stories.

At first, I had the same questions for them as you might have…

  • What were you eating, exactly? How much? How often?”
  • How did you control portions?”
  • What kind of exercises were you doing? How many times a week?
  • How do you deal with cravings, sweets, treats or negative friends?”

Strangely enough, their replies almost never included any of these!

I was puzzled.

If they didn’t solely attribute the diet/exercise plan to their awesome results… what were they doing? What was their secret?

As I got through interview #10, I began noticing some interesting trends.

  • 1
    I discovered that they all engaged in the same few habits.
  • 2
    Some of them had a few unique habits.
  • 3
    None of them did things you’d think they would, like calorie counting.

But I noticed one big, key factor surrounding ALL of their success stories.


And that one factor (the only factor they all had in common), was that they understood that sustainable fat loss came down to one thing, and one thing only.

#1 They ALL UNDERSTOOD The Power Of Tiny, Daily Habits

  • 1
    It's never about what diet plan you have, it's about YOU, what you DO every day.
  • 2
    Tiny, unconscious habits & routines that build up over month, years, even decades.
  • 3
    What you see in the mirror is the direct result of months, years of conscious and unconscious habits.
  • 4
    You are NOT what you do ‘some time’. You are the sum of what you’ve done every day for the last few years.
  • 5
    What matters more than the end GOAL is what you DO every single day​... the process.

The last point there, is EXTREMELY important.

The Classic "SMART" Goal Setting Method Doesn't Work For Most Of Us Because...

When we decide on a "smart" goal – “lose 10kg in 3 months”...

Yeah, it sure is SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

However... though it looks great in theory, when it comes down to putting it in action, every single day...

... we keep comparing our current position to that end goal.

10kg? Ohhh, it’s been 4 weeks, and I’ve just lost 2kg so far… I am just at 15% of my goal right now. How the he** would this work... I need something faster...”

We keep focusing on the end goal from our current position


No goal setting expert tells you that your fat loss success is NOT about the goal… those “10kg lost”…

It’s ALL about the 99% time spent on the process, the daily grind, most of which doesn't even show any significant results.

Meaning, here’s how losing weight (permanently) looks like in the real world…

That's how it's done. Steady progress with small habits.

The progress is so slow you won't even notice it every day.

And boy, haven’t we all experienced that orange line!

Secondly, an additional benefit of developing and mastering those daily habits is...

Mastering habit building automatically helps you stick to any good plan!"

Here’s how…

For a fitness freak like me, going to the gym is no longer a problem because it’s become a habit, it’s become so natural now that… NOT going feels weird!

So the first step for you is this - trying to form small daily HABITS that will give you long term results.

​Just a few key Habits x Time = Long Term Results

If there ever was one, that's the weight loss secret!

It's time to hear YOUR opinion now...

Do you think this behavior change, focusing on your daily habits rather than the end goal will help you?

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Summary Of Step 1: The Behavioral Change

We do not fail at losing weight because we do the wrong things. We fail because we expect and falsely believe in an 'external' solution.

Whereas those women who successfully lose weight and keep it off (for years) - they focus on their daily habits, they take one day at a time, and they never run after all those magic products.

  • 1
    So start thinking about your daily habits & routine rather than finding the perfect diet or workout.
  • 2
    Focus on small daily progress, not on the goal.
  • 3
    Stop running after 'instant results', they never last.
  • 4
    There is no shortcut. The real results are seen after a few months. Be patient, respect your body.

And now, it's time for...

Which Brings Us To BEHAVIOR #2:

Taking ACTION!

 But first, you get an applause for being patient & reading through this detailed lesson!

Only about 10% women reach this point, and you're one of them! :)

This Second Change Is About - Taking Action

Knowing is half as important as doing, only when you take action will you see those fat loss results.

When you start forming those vital daily habits, you'll free yourself from frustration & dead ends.

When you take back control of your inner voice, that's when you'll start seeing real changes in your outer life!

And to help you do just that, to take action in your life - we’re inviting you to join the LEAN START program.

This plan is usually only shared with our premium Fit Finally members when the first sign up, but because you patiently read through this guide, we want to share it with you for free.


It's about continuing what you've discovered so far, with actionable steps you can start taking right now, today.

So just 1 week from now...

  • You'll be much more confident (with one, or even two fat loss habits started).
  • You'll see some real, tangible results, thanks to NOT running after fad diets!
  • You'll discover exactly what you should do (and what you shouldn't!) to see steady results in the mirror.
  • You'll see how to "declutter" your life (through our premium video series).
  • You'll get practical techniques to "rewrite the story" of your mind.
  • All in all, you'll set yourself up for long-term weight loss success. 

Remember, there's really no secret or shortcut.

Losing weight is definitely not easy.

However, it's not impossible either. 

The difference between a woman who truly loses unwanted fat, gets healthy and someone who keeps 'yo-yoing' is their daily routine & habits.

So get our free action plan and see HOW it's done.


Here's some feedback from members...

"Thanks for the plan. I began my first habit last week & more than the results, I'm excited to see something sustainable!

FYI, I started cutting out sodas & it was difficult at first, but now I remind myself WHY I am doing this (day 1 action), & guess what, I haven't had a soda in the last 4 days!"

- Jenny

"Hi Betty,
Yes I really liked the action plan, specially because you also gave me access to the self-sabotage videos that I'm still watching!

Another thing I liked is the way you guys have chalked the plan, one step at a time. Really nice for someone who's perpetually overwhelmed with choices!" 

- Giselle

"The part where I ALWAYS fail is I am a true perfectionist. I'll start something, but when I don't give my 100%, I get dejected & start to give away until one day I don't even remember I was following a plan! :(

But thanks to your day 4 lesson, I am confident this time it will be a lot different.

 - Nikki

So Before We Sign Off, Take Note Of these 3 Things:

  • 1
    If you wish to lose fat - without dieting, counting calories, or doing body breaking workouts; then forming habits is the ONLY key.
  • 2
    You might get results with belts, wraps, shakes or pills, but they'll never be sustainable.
  • 3
    There's a thin line between "doing something", and "not being aware you're even doing it" -- that's when you see results! Umm, that sounds a bit confusing, but I explain it inside the action plan.

So let's do this!

Get your step-by-step action plan and allow us to help you finally start looking in the mirror with pride and self-respect! :)

7 days. 1 habit. a new you.


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