"There's a 90% chance YOU KNOW what it feels like...

  • To be laughed at, because of your weight
  • To be made fun of, behind your back.
  • To see your clothes "shrinking" every few months!
  • And to  try diet plans, but not seeing long-term results.

I know all this because... I was the same... just in an opposite way!

Underweight, skinny, weak, made fun of, and laughed at... for 20+ years!

"And NOW, let's talk about you... Isn't it time you stopped the "yo-yo" cycle?

"And NOW, let's talk about you... Isn't it time you stopped the "yo-yo" cycle?

Q: What’s the “yo-yo cycle”?
A: The yo-yo cycle is the endless cycle of…

Trying a dietitian’s plan, losing few kilos… but then gaining it all back. Then trying another solution, losing another few kilos, than again gaining it all back, and so on…

Something like this picture...

Most Indian women who wish to lose 5, 10, 20 or even 30kg get stuck in that cycle for... decades!

Next, there are some women who just don’t know where to begin, what exactly to do, what steps to follow, totally confused with so many people offering so many "solutions"!

Finally, if you’re in our Facebook group, you know that most Indian women suffer from the worst weight loss problem = food cravings

And while all this is going on, the extra weight isn’t helping one bit! :O

It causes women problems while doing house work, or just moving around, causes issues with periods, sleep...

... and some women even have to take pills just to keep themselves functioning!

So many problems, just because...

  • No one taught you how to eat... in today's modern, urban world (where we balance between children, office, home, etc.).
  • No one taught you how to stay active in the fast pace of life today (when you hardly have any time for exercise).
  • And no one taught you how to maintain your health without pills and medicines. In short...



In fact, can you tell us which one of these 5 lies is holding you back?
(Click on them)

LIE #1 - You need A DIETITIAN...


LIE #3 - you DON'T HAVE A "perfect diet plan"...

LIE #4 - you need "super foods"...

In short, all those above lies; of toxins, diet plans, super foods, they are simply made up so you keep buying more of their “band aids” = their temporary solutions.

However, ALL those dietitians, weight loss companies, health blogs, “fitness YouTubers”... literally EVERYONE fails to deal with…


It means, the BIGGEST, obvious reason, the ROOT CAUSE of why you fail at losing weight (or keeping it off)...

And finding this 'elephant', the root cause in your life, has to be your first step if you wish permanent fat loss.

Here's why...


  • One look in the mirror and you know for sure, you need to lose at least 5, 10 or even maybe 25kg!
  • So you set a “new GOAL” = "I want to lose 10kg".
  • Next, you decide to get help. “Hmmm...  but where? I know! I'll go to that dietitian who’ll give me a “great diet plan”...

Yippie! It's a shiny new diet plan! Let’s go, you say…

And then the next few weeks go something like this...

Day 1-10 = Alright, I need to lose 10kg, and I honestly hope it works this time with this new diet plan… fingers crossed!

Day 10-20 = So I have lost about 1kg, seems to be working. Yay! So far so good…

Day 20-30 = I’ve lost 1.5kg now, but this is not as fast as the dietitian claimed. Also it’s getting difficult to count portions and/or calories at every meal.

Day 30-40 = WTH! I gained 1.5kg back... I’m back where I started, this is not working out.

Day 40-50 = The diet plan was a scam! It didn't work!

Around day 60-90 = Still need to lose 10kg... 🙁 What do I do? Someone help me! Hmmmm, maybe this new “detox kit” works… Let me find if there are any reviews…

"Don't we all know that story!? But wait... what you DON'T know is..."

It was NEVER YOUR FAULT IF diet plans failED!

  • Because diet plans only tell you WHAT to do, not HOW to do it (meaning how to deal with your busy schedule, domestic chores, children, work timings, no time for ‘clean meals’, etc.).
  • It’s not your fault you can’t stick with these plans. Who has the time to log calories, measure portions EVERY DAY, at every freakin’ meal?
  • And it’s not your fault you don’t have crazy willpower and motivation to just “be strong”!
  • In fact, it is proven by multiple studies that food has the same addictive effects as… drugs! (1)(2)(3)(4)

But then we don’t advise drug addicts to “just be strong”, or “try to control yourself", do we!?

Then why should we expect normal people like you to "just be strong", or "just have more willpower"!

And that brings us to the “elephant” in the room… the root cause of your weight loss troubles…


YOU’re unable to *STICK* with ONE plan, ONE PATH!

We’re unable to *STICK* with ONE plan, one path!

Huh, what's the big deal about that?

Well, it IS a big deal. It is the biggest deal in your fat loss journey.


You don’t fail to lose weight (or keep it off) because you’re eating the wrong foods, or doing the wrong exercises, or you don’t have some *secret* diet.

You fail because you keep changing the diet plan, the dietitian, the book, the Doctor, the motivation source…

... you change everything but… *yourself*.

And "change yourself", simply means...

You change everything else... but your daily behavior.

For example...

Aarthi lost over 33kg in a year, by CHANGING her daily behavior and habits!

However, let's come back to YOU...

Right now, you don't have the required habits to follow and stick to a plan...


... so in this case, how can ANY plan help you?

You might have the best diet plan on the planet... but it's useless when you haven’t formed the required habits to stick to it!

That brings us to the biggest weight loss realization you’ll ever have… 

What you DO, your ACTIONS, your HABITS, every single day, consciously or unconsciously, create the life (and body) you have right now.

"Read that again... because that's the root cause why we fail at losing weight, or getting fitter, or improving our health..."

Even realizing that is a great positive step!

Meaning, now that you know that your daily habits, daily behavior, daily actions determine your weight loss…

What if…

  • What if you could instantly discover these exact fat loss habits that we've found out after years of trial and error? 
  • And what if you could also get the exact steps to build those fat loss daily habits?
  • What if you could ‘bypass’ diet plans, and learn the real, pro level, meal planning strategies instead (that successful weight losers learn by trial and error)?
  • What if you could discover the insider secrets about exercise and workouts (which NO trainer will tell you about)?
  • What if you could get a comprehensive, 100-day plan that’ll tell you exactly what to do, EVERY SINGLE DAY?
  • What if you could know what you need to do FIRST, before you even begin your fat loss journey?
  • And what if you could get all the resources, steps and knowledge to lose weight permanently, never gain it back, AND look amazing in the process!?

Well, that’s exactly what you get, when you enroll in…


The Lean Queen program is a 100-day, habit based fat loss program for Indian women, that...


Teaches you the crucial life skills & 10 CORE daily habits required to lose a lot of weight, get fitter & leaner, and invariably improve your overall health.


It also shows you the exact steps you need to do that. Right from showing you what to do every single day for the next 100 days.

By the time you complete the program, you'll become a totally changed person, armed with real world knowledge... that till now, only the pros knew (top level athletes, sportsmen, etc.).


Finally, it frees you from the cycle of trying diet plans, detoxes, and even frees your from EVER needing dietitians again.

Rather it teaches you, just like Arpita (see below), to live every SINGLE day correctly... which leads to BIG RESULTS!

"A little progress each day adds up to big results."


And Arpita is right!

When you try fad diets, "21 Day Challenges" or even monthly "diet plans", you might see some initial results, but they won't last... and you'll feel discouraged.

"So then why do the LEAN QUEEN methods work? What makes them unique?"

Two reasons...


Your weight (and health) is dependent on much more than just what you eat, or whether you exercise. 

The Lean Queen program goes way beyond those two, and focuses more on what you DO, your daily habits

Because like you saw earlier, it’s what you DO every day, for months, that decides how you’ll look, how you’ll feel, how your health is going to be…


Secondly, each one of us is different. Throwing the same diet plan (for e.g. Keto) on all of us is like giving us all the same pair of shoes to wear!

You need to customize things for your life, your specific daily routine.

Since the Lean Queen focuses on habits, you can easily adapt our 10 core habits as per your schedule, your preference.

Result? Almost dramatic results in a few months.

what do people say about the lean queen methods, ITS techniques?

We have been consulting these same methods, habits and techniques for 10+ years now.

Our members have also been subtly discovering these methods in our Facebook group.

So here are few pics of emails, screenshots from the group, some Whatsapp messages, emails, etc.

(Click on them to see the full sized photos...)

"Within 5.5 months, I lost 8kg..."

"I lost 3kg in 2 weeks..."

"Lost about 11kg in  6 months for my marriage..."

"The SN (Scientific Nutrition) program is just what we needed..."

"The program is beautifully explained, step-wise..."

"... able to break diet cycle with Lean Queen.  I'm now 9kg down & maintaining it for last 1.5 years..."

"Been able to lose almost 3kg... "

"Started following SN's program, lost 3kg in 2 weeks..."

"The plan gives detailed explanation for ladies..."

"There were so many small queries... where Amod has helped a lot..."

"Been able to lose almost 3kg... "

An offline client who lost 3kg in just 10 days...

As you can see, the reason people love the Lean Queen methods is :

  • Because the program gives long-lasting results.
  • Because the program is detailed, explains everything, and is free from fads and gimmicks.
  • Because the program helps you KEEP the weight off, the most difficult part of any weight loss journey.

Plus, we practice what we preach.

Here's me and my wife, Poulomi; her photo 2 years ago and today.

She started the Lean Queen methods in December. And the next photo is on my birthday, August 24.

Then of course, here's me, about 10 years ago... and the second one is my video on my b'day (Aug 24) when I was lifting 124kg off the ground...



"Some diet plan”?!

Umm, no, but we understand why you might feel so…

In fact, we know of one Indian company who charge their clients ₹7000 for a “three months program”, and gives them… ONE excel sheet! :S

But not us! Here's what we are giving you...

  • The Lean Queen is a 100-day fat loss program for Indian women.
  • It is a step-by-step habit based program that will show you our 10 CORE fat loss habits, and even how to adopt them in your life.
  • See the contents of the program below
  • You'll join others in this month's "batch", and we'll all begin the 100-day journey on 23rd September, 2019.

Now, let's see the contents of the MASSIVE Lean Queen package...

1. The 3 main habit handbooks

These 3 are the core of the Lean Queen program. 

Each of these habit handbook covers 1 month of step-by-step actions, the 10 SMART fat loss habits, and various insider, pro level techniques & habit methods.


2. habit TRACKING WORKBook

As you'll learn in the program, we humans only form habits when you’re accountable to them. This tracking workbook will help you do just that (yes, we teach you how to use it, of course).

the lifestyle WORKBOOK

Repetition fosters mastery. The lifestyle workbook is like a small practice book. It will periodically ask you to jot down stuff related with your successes, failures, etc.

"The next 'power packed' resource you get is... 4 different workout programs!"

Each of us has a unique fitness level, abilities, etc. So instead of forcing you to do the same exercises as everyone else…

… we give you FOUR DIFFERENT exercise programs. You can begin with the one that’s suited to your current abilities.

The four programs are:

LEVEL 1: Walk & DROP 

You get the main Walk & Drop walking workout handbook + a full set of 21 walking "cards".

Casually walking for weight loss? No more with this unique workout program for beginners!

LEVEL 2: Lean & FIT

The Lean & FIT is a body weight workout program.

Created ONLY for women, this program has 5 different plans, 53 illustrated cards with FULL instructions, 50+ demo videos, AND an accompanying PDF guide.

LEVEL 3: Resist & TRAIN

You also get 5 imported, highest quality, mini resistance bands!

And of course you get 21+ demo videos, a mini illustrated booklet and 3 plans for maximum fat burning!


OPTIONAL: But it is the most effective fat burning program made for women. Period.

This is an optional gym workout program with a full detailed guide PLUS full one year plans. With advanced techniques & methods, this detailed program is best suited for women who want amazing fat loss results!

Again, it's optional and is not compulsory.


One of the most important habits in the program (in month 2) is meal planning.

Apart from teaching you practical strategies about it, you also get a 100+ day meal planner! Simple, and highly useful for the entire family!

Check out this sample page.

9. the ILLUSTRATED lifestyle GUIDE

Often there are questions that fit in... nowhere!

Except now they're all carefully curated, and beautifully illustrated in this full color, 100+ page guide.

Questions like whether you should eat when sick, how to eat more veggies, meal prep mastery, hand portion guide, it's all in here!

"And it's not over yet...

... there's MORE!"


You also get two bags of our pure, unflavored Whey protein. A total of 1kg, which should easily last 3+ months!

This is an ultra-filtered, imported Whey protein (Made in USA), and is free from any additives, preservatives or color. This gives you power packed 24gm of protein in each serving to gain lean muscle, and burn that stubborn fat! (Also includes a free scoop within.)


One common question we get is - how do I take the Whey protein powder? It gets boring just having it in water.

We heard... and we delivered!

So now you get over 40+ "super shake" recipe cards. These are all easy to prepare, with local ingredients, and can even replace entire meals when in hurry!


You get a bag of pure Erythritol, a low calorie alternative to sugar.  As you know, sugar is a big problem when it comes to losing fat.

So to help you minimize your sugar intake, we give you over 750gm of the finest quality Erythritol, and it makes an amazing combo with the next item... 


Stevia is the latest "wonder extract" to hit the world. Initially we thought to be a craze, research after research is now recognizing it's usefulness.

Stevia is quite literally, a ZERO calorie sweetener. However, most brands in India sell 80% Erythritol mixed with 20% Stevia and charge you a bomb for it!

And that's something we can't tolerate! So with the Lean Queen, you get a small 50gm jar of the purest Stevia (90% purity). It's so pure that using it in tea, coffee, etc. should last you for over a year!

BONUS in month two!

Since most habits in the second month are related to food and nutrition...

... we'll send you another package in month two with our recipe booklet called - "Super Simple Recipes"!

And at no extra cost to you! This is sent to you at the perfect time when you actually start creating fat loss meals as per the Lean Queen methods! Plus the recipe booklet...

  • Comes with full color photos of ALL recipes!
  • The recipes themselves are easy to prepare, with locally available, Indian ingredients.
  • The recipes contain both, veg and non-veg recipes!
  • And did we mention... they are... DELICIOUS! 🙂

"So there you go , you'll notice that we haven't left anything to chance!"

Right from basic habits building, to advanced nutrition, exercise, cravings, fasting strategies, to protein powder, sugar alternatives, literally everything is given to you in a secured package... for less than the price of 2-3 diet consultations!

And there’s ONE LAST MAJOR THING you also get that we didn’t mention…

If you are a member of our Facebook group, you have seen the kind of detailed help and support we give.

Well, once you become a paid member, that support rises to the next level! You’ll get no hold barred personal support in the members-only private group.

You’ll need some help initially, whether to tweak your nutrition, or help with habits, or even advice on exercise, etc.

That’s why, the "paid members only" group will be your oasis in the madness that is the weight loss world!

"OK, all of this sounds great, but what if I STILL don’t like something?"

You’re right, we ourselves say that we are all unique, so we cannot deny the rare possibility that a small number of people might not like something in the program.

That is why we also offer India’s first… 100% money back guarantee with the Lean Queen!


You have full 30 days after the program begins, to try it & see the principles in action.

In case you don't like something, you can just tell us and we'll refund your hard earned money immediately. No conditions, no questions, no nonsense.

We know exactly how it feels when buying something new. So be assured we are standing behind our program 100%, so that all the risk is on us! That's my personal assurance to you!


Yes! You got that right.

We stand confident behind our product, and that is why we wish you’ll become a member with 100% trust & confidence.

So while you are with us in the first 30 days, when you learn with us, collaborate with others, if you still want out, just tell us and it’s done!

No questions asked, no conditions, no nonsense, you get your hard-earned money back.



Enroll in the Lean Queen DIGITAL version. We start on September 22, 2019.

  • Full 100-day program with ALL guides
  • Lessons will be given online in the group
  • Full legendary support
  • 100% risk free guarantee
  • Get ready for permanent change!


₹ 7900



Get the Lean Queen program in printed format! Delivered right at your doorstep!

  • Full program with ALL printed guides
  • Lessons will be in your hands!
  • Full legendary support
  • 100% risk free guarantee
  • Get ready for permanent change!


₹ 9900



Get the printed version AND all the foods, equipment... the massive package!

  • This is the massive package we saw earlier
  • Includes whey protein, sweeteners, bands, et al.
  • Full legendary support
  • 100% risk free guarantee
  • Get ready for a massive change!


₹ 11900



"Being overweight can be depressing at times.
No matter how fat you are, you have a fairly good idea that you can lose weight if you really wanted to. 
But achievements come with execution.
Remember, consistency is the key..."





You know that diet plans, challenges, detoxes will only work for a while (if they even do!)... but to lose weight permanentlyyou need better habits, you need the CORE habits. That's what you learn in the Lean Queen!

And secondly, remember that you're protected by our no-questions asked 30 days guarantee, so all the risk is on us. We are giving you this guarantee because that's how strongly we believe it will benefit YOU!

Hope to see you on the other side, with other members to start losing weight transforming themselves, one day at a time, one step at a time!

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    1. Option 1: You can get the digital version which will be completely online in the private group. You’ll get your daily lessons, habits, everything over there.

      Option 2: The PRO And PLATINUM versions will give you everything in PRINT! So everything will be, literally, in your hands, at your home! 🙂

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