"DAY 4 - Today, we have a visual lesson...

How your Fat Loss food plate Should *LOOK* Like...



A Recap of ​today's Lesson...


So in the first part of the video, you saw HOW to start "building" your fat loss plate. If you skipped that part, please watch it again. It's the most important part of this lesson.


Next, we saw how to think beyond "roti-sabji" or "dal rice". This is very important, especially in today's busy times when no one has time for elaborate meals.


And finally, we saw how you can make some easy tweaks to incorporate more protein & vegetables in your diet.

Now, once you have watched today's lesson, read how my wife lost 14.7kg...

“Yes, many of you know her in the group... so here's how Poulomi lost 14.7kg with a *survival loophole*...

And the weirdest thing = this *survival loophole* was discovered by chance! Thanks to the  famous GOLDEN HEN story !

First of all, look at Poulomi's original "BEFORE" picture... 10 years ago, before we had our son...

However,  look at this next picture

This was after the birth of our son in 2010, and that's when she  gained around 14-15kg of extra weight .

But we did not panic immediately, it’s natural to gain weight after a pregnancy.

However, we did start to worry a bit, when...

even after a few years, her extra weight was still there...

And things started getting bad when the  extra weight began to affect her health .

  • It started to cause hormonal problems...
  • Menstrual issues... 
  • She used to lose her temper quite often...
  • She felt depressed frm time to time...
  • She even started avoiding friends because she became conscious about her weight and how she looks...

And then the worst happened...

We detected a high blood sugar, pointing towards pre-diabetes and her thyroid levels started to plummet, showing signs of metabolic issues!

It was time to do something. But...

“Back then, I wasn't as experienced as now, so I gave her a standard diet plan...

Yes, guilty as charged! 

Even though we don’t give them anymore to our clients... back then, I was guilty of giving her couple of similar plans!

And as you might guess, these diet plans did not work for long. It was very difficult to stick with them…


Because after a few weeks, your body adapts to the lower calories by slowing down your metabolism, stopping further fat loss. 

At the same time, you feel like crap, moody & tired all the time, your metabolism has slowed down so much that even if you overeat a little, you quickly gain weight instead of losing!

This is exactly what happened with her.

No matter  what diet plan i tried with her, it only worked for a while , and on some plans she actually gained weight instead of losing! 🙁

By this point, seeing her repeated failure, I started reading, for the first time in my life… research papers

I literally combed through 150-160 research papers & studies to learn why diet plans really fail, and what you can do about it…

… and that’s when I found something interesting.

My search for a natural fat loss solution led me towards surprising anthropological data ...

(Anthropology is the study of ancient humans.)

What I found was…

"There IS a *fat loss* LINK between us, and the humans that lived 1000's of years ago!"

And that link is evolution

Meaning, even though our brains have evolved today, we are smarter than ever before...  our bodies have not evolved

We still have the SAME, exact internal systems that humans had 100000 years ago!

That’s why we are seeing this huge obesity problem today.

Because humans back then, did not eat all the time. There was no breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

For millions of years… we ate seasonally. Sometimes, food was not available for weeks, or even months… and at other times, food was abundant, more than we needed!

And when food was abundant, we used to deliberately overeat and… store it as body fat!


Because then we could burn that fat for energy when food was not available.

This survival mechanism ensured we don't die even if food was not available for days or weeks!

So today, even though you hate your body fat… this fat was literally life saving for thousands of years!

That’s why, even today, when you begin a standard 1200 calorie diet plan, your body thinks that there's "food shortage" and it lowers your metabolism, requiring less calories to "survive".

But since you WANT to lose weight... you now need to reduce below 1200 calories!

END RESULT = It becomes impossible to continue after a few weeks!

So how do you convince your body food IS available & there's NO need to save it as fat?

AND THIS... is where the golden hen comes in the picture...

It was a cold December night, and my daughter was watching the golden hen story on YouTube.

And I was feeding her, so I was there with her, blankly staring at the video...

As I got engaged in the story... I realized that all of us, we are like that greedy man in the story.

When we want to lose weight, we suddenly reduce our calories, and we want to lose all the weight quickly, just like that man who wanted all the eggs at once.

However, just as the moral of the story, that’s not how it works.

We need to focus on one egg at a time, not be greedy and suddenly lower calories. 

  • Diet plans fail because they suddenly lower your calories, and like killing the hen...
  • It "kills" (slows down) your metabolism and triggers your survival mechanism of storing fat...
  • Because your body thinks… "there is a shortage of food, so I need to store whatever’s available as fat".

And right then, with this realization, I narrowed down my research to studies on metabolic adaptation, calorie cycling, and carefully hypothesized a method where we can...

  • Eat in a way that will not slow down your metabolism
  • AND still lose fat, steadily!

"But I needed to test this theory, whether it works practically..."

So coming back to my wife, I told her to begin TWO thing...

And to be honest I was skeptical at first. Like, will this really work??

Of course, we had nothing to lose at that point.

So in December, she started doing meal planning WITH this new technique… reducing her calories BUT not slowing down her metabolism…

And in the next two months, by February, she had lost...


OK, that was a positive start… but I was still a bit cautious. However, by mid-April, my doubt started vanishing when she lost a further...


So almost 8kg in 5 months… not bad at all… now I started thinking that my technique IS working as I expected...

Then, by mid-June, she lost...


And finally, in August, here she was, have a look...

she lost a total of 14.7kg in 8 months...


Now, while she was trying this technique, I  wanted to see if this would work with other women as well. 

So we created a small test program, started a private Facebook group, enrolled some “testers”... and as expected… the results were really great...

"And here are some results of the program like you saw before...

Nutan HATED Cardio (who doesn't?!), yet was able to lose 16kg of pure fat!

One of our best case-studies, Aparna lost a whopping 18kg in much less than a year!

Cakes, bread and ice-cream were Celine's weak-points! No problem, said Lean Start!

After failing at Weight Watchers, Anita trusted us, an Indian startup who helped her get double digit fat loss!

Dhara is yet another sensational example of what "calorie cycling" can do for you!

"And there're MORE! Almost 90% of our beta testers gave feedback as below ..."


"And the 3 reasons WHY these women willingly continued this unique plan...


Unlike traditional dieting, where you have to give up your favorite foods... with this evolutionary technique, they could eat their favorite foods! This was the biggest reason all these "testers" stuck to the plan.


Secondly, on most standard weight loss plans, you are required to have an "iron will" and crazy motivation just to stay to the plan.

Thankfully, since my technique was 100% based on science, motivation was never required to stick with it!


And finally, the reason other diets fail is eventually your food cravings take over and once fine day, you just quit! Well, no one quit in this group because food cravings was NOT a problem! These women could (strategically) continue eating their favorite foods every week.

So that’s how you combine meal planning with this NEW scientific technique, to start a perfect fat loss journey...

"In fact, you've already been introduced to this technique. We of course, call it the...

LEAN START, as you know, is our unique 60 days, step-by-step fat loss program that does two things...

  • Teaches you HOW to reduce your calories for MAXIMUM fat loss... and...
  • And surprisingly, also keep your metabolism burning like a furnace, so you don't feel tired, moody, fatigued!

and if you remember, here's everything you get *instantly* when you sign up now...



As soon as you sign up, you’ll first get the main calorie cycling manual.

This "quick start" guide will get you in fat burning mode even if you have struggled literally 50 times before!

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The best part is - this is a short guide, and you'll probably finish it in less than a day.

2. 60 days "action" calendar

60 days "action" calendar

After working with 100's of women in the last few years... we've found ONE MAJOR PROBLEM...

Most women don't know WHAT EXACTLY TO DO every day... leading to failure.

This is why we are giving you a printable "action" calendar... so you'll ALWAYS know what to do, every day, for the next 60 days!



Yes, you’ll get instant access to our paid-members only group.

The group ensures we all support each other, share your progress (and failures!), see how other women are doing on the program and a LOT more.

This private group is also where you can get personal help and support from us, get answers to your queries, and get some secret bonuses only reserved for members! 😉



What's a fat loss program without yummy, tasty, fat burning recipes?! 

So you are getting over 50 recipes from our "recipe vault".

90% of these are made with simple, every day ingredients, but with a "fat loss twist".

100% of them are yummy, healthy, and significantly help you lose fat.

5. full 60 days diet plan!

full 60 days diet plan!

Saved the best for the last! 🙂

With the 50+ recipes, the LEAN START also gives you a full 60 days diet plan... but... but...

Make no mistake...

Unlike classic 1200 calorie diet plans, we do not tell you HOW MUCH to eat, we rather tell you WHAT to eat!

So you can change things, move foods around, it's all in YOUR control!



  • The scientific way of eating your favorite foods and still continuing to lose weight. Even though this sounds odd, there is hardcore science applied when I say that.

  • Next, you'll see the “refuel” technique to BOOST your metabolism, so you NEVER feel tired, fatigued during the program. 
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