Delicious Dinners… Delivered

Delicious Dinners… Delivered!

Get nutritious dinners, delivered at your doorstep.

Every week day. Fresh. Hot.

What It IAll About

Food You Will Love

Every single day, we cook a fresh, deliciously salad + a protein rich broth or soup for you. Low in calories, high in nutrients = health for the win!

Delivered Fresh and Hot

Then we carefully pack it in our environment friendly containers and deliver it to you (between 7.00-8.30PM) at your doorstep.

mon-fri taken care of…

We all love our weekends! A family outing, or a dinner at your favourite restaurant. That’s why we work only on weekdays, Monday to Friday.

How It Works


FIRST, you Start Your Subscription

You pay month-to-month. No long-term commitments. You can stop any time (though we doubt you’d want to!).


then… We CONFIRM & BEGIN Your Plan

We call you to confirm your address, any delivery related details. Then we’ll tell you when we’ll start delivering.


then… Delicious Dinners… Delivered!

Now just sit back and enjoy the nutritious & delicious food we send you every day. No fuss, it just works!

How It Will Help You…


With 20 different things to do at any given point, time is always against us! So with this service, we aim to save this precious resource of yours!

  • No more chopping, no more cooking, no more sweating!
  • Back from the office? Well, dinner’s all ready and waiting for you! Just start gobbling up the delicious (and nutritious) food.

Convenience has never been so delicious. We deliver the food you need—where you want it. That means less shopping time, less food waste, and more control over your schedule. You can even adjust your delivery days week to week!

#2 LOSE weight fat!

Being naturally low in calories (less oil, more water) and rich in nutrients (protein and nutrient rich), our meals will help you lose some much wanted fat!

And unlike starving yourself or “going on a diet”, you’ll love these meals because they are all:

  • Nutritionally balanced, satiating and delicious!
  • There’s no calorie counting here. Weight loss is more about WHAT you eat than HOW MUCH.
  • Just replace your dinner with our meal, eat consciously over the weekend and within no time, you’ll be fitting in your old clothes! 😉 


FACT: Over 70% Indians are vitamin deficient! [more info]

That’s not surprising – who has the time to think about vitamins when the house is in a mess, work’s piled at the office, and the kid(s) bawling in the background!

That’s why, we use a variety of super foods in our meals that are chock-full of vitamins and minerals. This ensures we help you reach your daily quota of these essential nutrients without wasting your own time and efforts.

#4 Enjoy delicious food!

After a tiring, utterly exhausting day, who wouldn’t like to bite into a delicious piece of iceberg lettuce, or taste a perfectly cooked, rich bowl of soup!

Our soups, broths and salads are incredibly tasty, so you actually look forward to dinner every day!

Plus, we only use premium vendors to source our ingredients, which means better flavours, better crunch, and more taste passed to you!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work exactly?

The Delicious Dinners service delivers freshly made meals to you, every day (Mon-Fri). We have a centralized kitchen in Thane (West) where we cook our food in a hygienic, clean environment.

All you do is pay for the subscription and let us know where you’d like the food to be delivered ever day.

You’ll soon start receiving freshly made meals at your doorstep like clockwork.



Currently, we deliver in the entire Thane city (West) and Mulund.

We are looking to expand in more suburbs soon.



No problem, just let us know a day before and we’ll pause your delivery for the next day(s).

Your missed days are not wasted as they’ll be added back to your account.

You can connect with us via Whatsapp, Email, Phone or even by leaving us a message on FB’s messenger.



Less than ₹150 for a delectable salad and a filling, scrumptious soup!

Even though our meals are priced less than 50% (even 70% in some cases) of what commercial restaurants might charge you, we’re not worried!

We want to prove to you that healthy, clean eating doesn’t have to be too costly, that’s why we have priced our plans economically.


who’s behind this?

The Dinners Delivered service is managed by Scientific Nutrition, a weight loss and wellness company based in Thane.

Likewise, you can expect the same level of quality, integrity and customer-first approach as in all our products and services.



Yes, we have a 5 days trial at ₹799

This works the same way the monthly plan works. You make the payment, share your address, we confirm your delivery location, and you get your dinner delivered for the next 5 days.

Once you love the food and our service, you can subscribe to a monthly plan.

More questions? Contact us here, or send us a message on Whatsapp – 9820334441

Start Loving Dinner In A Whole New Way!


Start Loving Dinner In A Whole New Way!

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