Scientific Nutrition’s 7 Commandments

These are the 7 commandments we strictly adhere to over here at Scientific Nutrition. These commandments apply to all our programs, products and foods. They are what define us, what differentiate us.


Thou shalt be 100% honest with thy members

Our first and foremost commandment is to be 100% honest with all our clients. We have never in the past, and we take an oath to never in the future, sell our integrity and honesty, and we will never take any step that goes against our client’s health and well being.


Thou shalt teach the importance of habits

Losing weight, getting fit, is not about the end goal. It is never ‘done’; fitness and health is an ongoing process that you have to maintain just like you sleep and eat every day

And this can only be done through inculcating daily habits, which is what our entire educational foundation is based on.

We take an oath to always teach our clients habit based methods, not one hit wonders.


Thou shalt believe in Science, not Miracles

With the exploding rate of obesity in our country, there is also a surge in miracle pills and solutions.

However, at Scientific Nutrition, we believe consistent and predictive results are obtained only through adhering to scientific methods and time tested principles.

We take an oath to always believe in Scientific, research backed methods in our foods and training products.


Thou shalt rely on real foods, not fads

If you search for a "diet plan", you will get hundred and thousands of fad diets, all promising weight loss rainbows and unicorns!

However, for long-term fitness, health, and yes, weight loss, it is ONLY accomplished with the help of real foods, real nutrition.

We take a oath to ALWAYS show the right nutrition path to our members, and never mislead them with fad (and often dangerous) diets.


Thou shalt lead with nutrition

Nutrition is 80% responsible for weight loss and fitness success, everything comes later.

We take an oath to always teach the importance of nutrition before anything else.


Thou shalt be patient

Overnight success can be seen in bollywood, sports, or even politics, but NEVER in health and fitness.

We take on oath to teach our clients patience and perseverance, always teaching them the importance of time when it comes to health.


Thou shalt strive for lifelong fitness

We strongly believe that each one of us should strive for lifelong fitness, because with fitness comes health, and with health comes everything else.

We take an oath to always teach the importance of lifelong fitness to our members.