“Hi there, fellow Indian woman:
need the gym or start some crazy diet…”
Try This 7-Day ‘Jump Start’Program & Start Losing Stubborn Weight…
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What Is This 7-Day Jump Start Program?

Scientific Nutrition’s 7-Day Jump Start original PLAN is a simple to follow 7 day plan that will dial your body in FAT BURNING mode, helping you to LOSE the extra weight, and STOP any junk food cravings.

This is NOT a strict “diet plan”, but rather a quick, 7 Day program to “Jump Start” your weight loss. And this plan will work with any fitness level.

Warning: This program is ONLY for Indian women, NOT men.

  • Now, the program is so simple that it requires no ‘special’ cooking because it’s based on REAL foods, plus it works for all types of diets (vegetarian, non-veg, etc.)
  • Also, there are NO supplements necessary on this plan.

Here’s How You Can Get Started

It’s so simple it just takes 60 seconds.

Just click on big button and get INSTANT access to the formula that has helped so many of our private clients.

PLUS: If you signup right now, we’ll include two workouts from our LEAN workout program absolutely free! The two workouts can be done right at your home, no need to join a gym, plus you’ll also get access to workout’s HD videos. So even if you have never exercised before, you can simple watch and follow!

What You Will Get Instantly When You Join Now…


Showing you how to eat correctly for maximum weight loss, without counting calories or trying strict meal plans. This manual is the perfect start for any woman who wants to start losing weight naturally,

THE LEAN (MINI) WORKOUT AND MANUAL: This contains 2 workout plans, 20+ HD videos, 20 illustrations, instructions on how to do the exercises, etc.

You do not need any equipment to do these exercises.

Apart from this, you will ALSO receive our “10 COMMANDMENTS OF A HEALTHY LIFE”, our simple guidelines to attain & maintain a healthy life.
“And thanks to the power of the internet, you can INSTANTLY start reading everything on your phone, or computer!”

Here’s What Recent Members Say About “Jump Start”…

A very nice guide… I found out that my weight loss problem was [hidden for privacy], and I could have fixed it long back by doing…”

Surabhi Chautala

Yes I liked the free jump-start program, it was very good. I especially like the two workouts…
Akshata Narayan

I guess I needed this reset. I’m always looking for something *new*, but I guess I should stuck to the basics as mentioned in your manual. Loved the 10 commandments btw…


So What Are YOU Waiting For!?

If you truly want to lose weight naturally, there’s no other better start. Period.