Is There Any Indian Diet Plan To Achieve Weight Loss In One Month?



How to Lose Weight in 7 Days [without exercise]

Before going into the detail…

You need to know two things:

1. Losing weight in 7 days is, well, not highly recommended. Why? Ask yourself the inverse question – how long did it take to gain you that weight?
Quite some time, right? That’s why, losing it will also take some time. However, YES, we’re here to make your weight loss journey a bit easier with few tips and tricks.

2. Have realistic expectations. If ANYONE promises you that you can lose around 10 or 15 or 30 kilos in a week, for the sake of your life, run away!!! They will either have you starving or fool you with some shady “weight loss pill”. In both cases, your well-being is at stake, so… run!

Now you might be wondering, "Is it possible to lose 5kg in a month?"
You can even lose 10kgs in a month, provided you stay focused on the weight loss program. 

And before you get started with the program, remember, there is no easiest way to lose weight in a month, it require perseverance and hard work.

Below are the steps on how to lose 10kgs in a month:

Set Yourself Up for Success

Man focused to live a healthy life

It involves both, mental and physical aspects to reduce weight in one month. For you to successfully lose weight, you will need to prepare mentally for it.

Because come on, we’re all great procrastinators.

Even though we know it’s our biggest enemy. And goals that are well executed can actually turn into reality if you put in your hard work. Losing weight is not all a big deal and can be achieved if you decide to stay focused.

To most people, working out and eating healthy are of paramount importance in any weight loss plan.

Because that’s how we have accustomed our mind since the beginning:
“I need sweat and starve for achieve a sexy body”, well, that’s not how it works.

The best form of success emanates from adequate preparations and conditioning your mind for success.

Many diet and nutrition experts consider proper preparation as one of the most crucial factors for any successful weight loss procedure.

For you to see success in a well-organized weight loss program, you should focus your mind to this goal then come up with a system that will support you through your journey.

Think about numerous instances in the past when you felt hungry and devoured some unhealthy snack or meal. Remember that time you almost gave up on a healthy lifestyle simply because you ate some junk food that you shouldn’t.

You need to prepare your mind for these and many other possible arrangements. This way, you will know what to do and how to stay true to your weight loss program.

Also, remember that losing weight is not as difficult as understanding integration is. Bonus points if you find integration easy, because if you can solve integration problems, losing weight is going to be as easy as solving ‘48-23’ for you.

 Sorry for that exaggeration…
Focused on the process over results

Pay attention to the entire process but not just results. Even as you begin your weight loss program on an ambitious note, it is crucial that you pay more attention to the weight loss process and not just the results.

In case your aim is to lose 10 kgs, your focus should be on the "How to reduce 10kg" and not "How much I reduced today?".

Exactly how you focus on the recipe and not its taste while cooking. You know it’s going to be delicious in the end only if you pay attention to the recipe.

Similarly, stay focused on the weight loss program, because you know the end is going to be worth it.

If you want to succeed in your quest to lose weight in thirty days, you will need to set some goals or ambitions. These goals need to be properly defined, within reason, and achievable.

An example of a reasonable goal includes having green, leafy, vegetables with each meal or jogging 5 miles each week. Goals such as drinking 2 liters of water or sleeping at least 7 hours each day are smart and achievable.

Things to consider while setting your weight loss goal:

1. The Goals You Set Should be measurable

When setting goals, make sure that they can be tracked and measured. When you measure the goals, you should be able to determine the level of success possible.

For instance:

Consuming 1350 calories each day, this can be tracked and is measurable.

Or a goal such as cycling to market every Saturday, rather than making a vague decision to go cycling weekly once.

2. Choose Specific Goals

You need to set goals that include some specific detail. Don’t just say that you will work out occasionally. That is too ill-defined for a serious weight loss program.

 Be specific with a goal such as swimming for an hour during weekends. Such a goal is more specific and detailed. It is important that your goals be specific on what has to be done, how, and when it will be done.

3. Ensure Any Goals Set are Realistic

A lot of the time, we embark on weight loss programs with too much zeal and unrealistic expectations. These often lead to disappointment and failure.

For instance:

Do not plan to hit the gym every morning if you have to be at work by 10 A.M.

 Instead, think of planning to walk to the grocery stores twice a week. This is a more achievable and realistic goal.

4. Come Up With Goals that can be Tracked

Tracking goals is very important. If you want to lose about 4 kilos each week, make sure that you record your weight at the end of each week. Also, if you want to consume only 1400 calories per day then write this down because it is a goal you can easily track. Tracking the goals that you set makes it easy to keep up the zeal and progress.

5. Goals Need to be Both, Long and Short Term

It is essential that you set up both short-term and long-term goals. To many weight loss and healthy living fans, long-term goals may seem far away, so this is made easier by short-term goals. Simply break down the long-term goals into smaller, easier, short-term goals you can achieve each week or even each day.

Suppose you want to lose 25 kg in 4 months. This is more of a long-term goal. As a beginner, you may find it rather difficult to achieve. Therefore, consider splitting it into smaller goals such as losing 4 kilos every two weeks. Such goals will keep you motivated as they won’t seem too hard to achieve.

6. Allow for Setbacks

Disappointed as he failed to maintain the weight loss process

Even as you prepare to begin a weight loss regime for the next one month, you should understand that things can go wrong and setbacks do happen. Every person who successfully makes changes in his or her life has failed in keeping up with the program in the beginning. 

We’re all humans with different responsibilities, so it’s okay if you fail to keep up with your program to lose 10 kgs in a month. It is advisable to prepare for setbacks so that you know what to do when they occur.

Think about what you would do if you ate a large lunch or skipped a workout, for instance. Brainstorm a couple of strategies so you know how to overcome each and every challenge that may occur. This will avoid thoughts like:

“Gosh, healthy lifestyle isn’t for me!”


“I can never achieve this goal.”

7. Reassess then Adjust your Goals as Needed

You need to be willing, if necessary, to change your goals even as you progress in your weight loss journey. Change is as good as a rest, if you need it. If you started small and managed to achieve success, then you may be ready to take on even bigger challenges. This may require adjusting your strategies and so on. You might find that you need to adjust your goals to better fit a new and better lifestyle.


Eat Only Healthy Foods

There are many ways to lose that weight. However, most of these are not healthy and may leave you hungry. When you feel hungry and lack willpower, you will probably give up any healthy lifestyle and resume to the unhealthy one. If you are to eat healthy, you are in need of a plan that will achieve the following:

  • Improve your metabolism
  • Help you lose weight without feeling hungry
  • Help in reducing your appetite significantly

People often ask us, “What is the best diet plan to lose weight?”

Well. The best diet to lose weight in a month is to eat less of junk and processed food and more of natural healthy food.

Here's a Diet Chart to Lose Weight in a Month:

1. Cut down on sugar and starches

One of the most useful parts of any weight loss plan is to reduce starches (carbs), and sugars from your diet. Sugars and carbs stimulate the production of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that store fat, so when insulin levels are low, eliminating fat from the body is easier.

Also, your kidneys work better in flushing excess water and sodium out of your body when your body has less insulin. This helps reduce the unnecessary water weight and bloated feeling you feel while you consume lots of starch or carbs. 

If you do this, then you are very likely to lose up to 10 pounds, or even more, right from the first week of eating this way. If you cut the carbs, you will lower your insulin, and this will lead to less calorie intake without hunger.

2. Eat more vegetable, fat, and protein

Protein and veggies rich diet

You need to ensure that each meal you eat consists of low-carb vegetables, a fat source, and proteins. You should construct your meals this way always so that you automatically raise your carb intake to recommended levels of 20 – 50 grams per day.

Your protein sources should be obtained from the following sources:

  • Fish and seafood – trout, salmon, lobster, shrimps
  • Meat – chicken, beef, lamb, pork, bacon
  • Eggs – pastured eggs or omega 3 enriched eggs

It is important that you consume sufficient quantities of protein. This statement cannot be overstated. Consuming sufficient protein quantities helps to boost your metabolism by 85 - 110 calories each day.

A high protein diet is the best diet to reduce weight in one month. It helps in reducing the crazy yearnings for food by approximately 55% and reduces the late night hunger pangs up to a half.

Proteins make you so full that you consume 441 fewer calories per day by simply including them in your diet. When it comes to weight loss, protein really is the king of nutrients.


Here is a list of low-carb vegetables:
  • Cauliflower Broccoli
  • Kale Spinach
  • Cabbage Brussels sprouts
  • Lettuce Cucumber
  • Celery

You should fill your plate with low-carb veggies because you can consume a huge amount without going over the 20-50 net carbs per day.

Any diet that contains vegetables and meat contains all the fiber, minerals, and vitamins you require to stay healthy. There is no need for grains so far.

Source of healthy fats:

  • Coconut oil
  • Tallow and butter
  • Avocado oil
  • Olive oil

You should consume two to three meals per day, but if you find that you are hungry during the day, then you can always consider a fourth meal.

You shouldn’t completely abandon fat as it is important for your diet. If you are eating low carbs, then you shouldn’t do low fats. You will feel miserable and probably abandon the plan.

3. Use coconut oil for your cooking:

Cook with fresh coconut oil

Coconut oil the best in the market right now. It is rich in fats that are more fulfilling and also boosts your metabolism.

One should not refrain from consuming these natural oils and fats because reliable studies have revealed that these fats do not raise your risk of suffering from heart disease.

4. Begin a resistance workout program:

Honestly, one does not need exercise for losing weight, but workouts are highly recommended, for both, weight loss and good health.

Your best option at this point is to hit the gym, 3 to 4 days every week. If you are new to weightlifting and bodybuilding, then consult a trainer within the gym.

When you lift weights, you burn calories and basically prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which is a common requirement for weight loss.

Studies also say that that some might even gain muscle while losing weight which is an almost unthinkable procedure. However, if weight lifting is not your thing, then consider engaging in some other forms of exercises such as jogging, running, or swimming.

5. Eat more carbs at least once a week:

Sometimes it is a good to take a day off from your diet and consume more carbs. But, it is important that you go for healthy carbs.

Few examples of these low carb food are rice, oats, potatoes, fruits, and sweet potatoes. Do this only one day of the week. If you do it more than two times a week, then you might miss out on the benefits and the success of this plan.

Basically, you do not have to keep a count on the calories as long as you stick you your low-carb vegetables, protein and fat diet. Even then, there are calculators that you can use to work out your calorie intake.

6. Identify healthy recipes that you’ll eat

Healthy recipes

We tend to disappoint our taste buds every-time we think of a healthy diet. But no, you don't need to torture them with bitter gourd or neem leaves.

Before getting started on a healthy diet, hunt for recipes that are healthy yet pleasing to your taste receptors. Alternatively, you can check out a grocery store and see what they have. And ensure that you consume restaurant meals to a minimum.

Additional Diet Steps to Keep You Healthy

1. Drink water at least 30 minutes before meals: Drinking water 30 mins before eating stimulates weight loss.

2. Avoid sweet and sugary drinks: Sugary drinks such as soft drinks are the most fattening and sometimes most unhealthy foods you could ever consume. Try and avoid consuming them whenever you can.

3. Have a high-protein breakfast often: Eating a breakfast that is high in protein has been shown to reduce calorie intakes and cravings throughout the day.

4. Eat your food slowly: It is advisable to have your food at a slowly as this will make you feel fuller. It also boosts weight-reducing hormones.

5. Opt for whole, unprocessed foods: Make sure your diet doesn’t rely on processed food. Opt for unprocessed food instead, as they are natural, filling, healthier, and much less likely to fatten you.

6. Drink either tea or coffee: If you are a fan of either coffee or tea, then you can drink as much as you like of the two basically because the caffeine is great for metabolism.

7. Add soluble fiber to your everyday diet: Studies indicate that soluble fibers can reduce fat, especially the stubborn one that builds a family around your tummy and waist regions. You can ask for fiber supplements from your health advisor.

8. Ensure that you identify foods that are weight loss friendly: There is a whole list of weight loss friendly foods available. These foods are very useful to your body and will help you shed off excess weight in your body and also boost your overall health and well being.

9. Use smaller plates for your meals: Studies indicate that you will automatically eat less when you use smaller plates. This will help keep your calories down.

10. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep each night: Bad sleeping habits fall under the strongest reasons of weight gain. People who sleep longer tend to lose more weight, so make sure that you get your beauty sleep.

Foods You Need to Avoid

Food to avoid during weight loss

In case you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight in a month, try and avoid consuming the following products. You need to eliminate these things from your diet for maximum weight loss in a month.

1. Trans fats: These are generally fats that have been chemically processed and are an absolute disaster for your health and are found in some processed foods. Avoid trans fats at all costs.

2. Artificial sweeteners: While they are calorie free, studies indicate there is a correlation between these artificial sweeteners and obesity-related diseases. If you must use a sweetener, then use a natural one such as Stevia.

3. Seed oils and vegetable oils: Corn oil, soybean oil, and similar oils are all processed oils that contain high amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids which are disastrous to your body.

4. Grains: If you are serious about losing your weight, then you must try to avoid grains as much as you can. Also, avoid pasta and bread.

Grains like barley and wheat, which contain gluten, are the worst for your weight loss goal. Opt for healthier alternatives. There are plenty available.

5. Sugars: Added sugars can be quite addictive, fattening, and the leading cause of various diseases and health conditions like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. They are found in most processed foods.

6. Diet and low-fat products: A lot of disguised healthy foods are certainly not healthy for your well-being. Many of them are highly processed and come loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugar. Even syrups are just as bad.

7. Highly processed foods: All processed foods are very low in nutrients and quite high in unhealthy chemicals. Ensure that these products do not hold any place in your kitchen.

Every-time you visit a grocery store or other retail outlets to buy any product, make it a habit that you take a look at the ingredients list. You will be totally surprised at the sugar content, wheat, and other harmful ingredients that they contain.

Benefits of Healthy Eating:

Plate full of low-carb food

You can realistically expect and lose anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds, sometimes even more, within the first week. Gradually, you can expect to lose weight at a constant rate. 

But remember:

It is important to maintain a healthy diet to reduce weight in one month.

Once you get used to dieting, you will probably lose weight faster. Basically, the more weight you have to shed, the faster you will lose it. But, it all depends on your perseverance.

You might find it strange in the beginning because your body is used to breaking down carbs, but now it has to start breaking down fats.

Once you get through the first three days, then you will start feeling better. Most people feel strange when they first change a lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, you will start feeling energetic, positive, and great. Low-carb diet has many benefits for your health including the following;

  • HDL (the good cholesterol) levels go up
  • Your blood pressure levels go down
  •  LDL (the bad cholesterol) levels go down
  • Triglycerides also tend to go down
  • Check Circle
    Your blood sugar levels tend to go down

Low carb diets are easier to follow compared to low-fat diets, and the best 1 month diet plan for weight loss.

Basically, when you reduce carbs from the diet and lower your insulin levels, you change the hormonal environment and thereby get your body to want to lose weight.

You will then experience low appetite and reduced hunger. This will in itself eliminate the real reason why a lot of people fail with conventional weight loss methods.

The low-carb high-protein and high-fat diet are much more efficient than other diets, especially the low-fat and calorie restriction diets.

You tend to lose two to three times more than other types of diets. So consider the above information and create a 1 month diet plan, it would be great if you continue this diet throughout, as it is healthy and practical.



Reasons Why You Need be Active and Workout Regularly

It is always better to implement an exercise and training program that will help you to lose significant weight in just one month.

Both, men and women can lose fat around their tummy and waist by simply maintaining a healthy diet and working out regularly. Such individuals are firm about losing weight the right way and are consistent in maintaining the weight loss program.

The frequency and intensity of your regular workouts will determine how much weight you can lose. The average person can lose anywhere from 8 to about 22 pounds in a single month.

Importance of working out

Begin by Setting Healthy Weight Loss Goals:

Health experts have conducted extensive studies on different workout programs including specific exercises and routines.

During these studies, it was determined that some of the most appropriate exercises can actually help you achieve your weight loss goals in as little as thirty days.

The truth, according to healthcare practitioners, is that you can safely shed between 3 and 6 pounds per week. If you lose any more than that, then that will mean you are losing muscle and water, not just fat.

This is a state you do not want to get to.

You can achieve your weight loss ambitions through different methods. How about cutting down your normal calorie intake by 500 calories per day, and burn an equal amount by working out? You will lose at least 1000 calories every day.


Try and Start Small but Finish Big:
Health and fitness experts always advise their clients to start slow and easy. This is the best approach because, as a beginner, your body is quite new for strenuous exercises.

As the first step, it is advisable to take baby steps towards burning calories through work out. Do not involve yourself into hardcore training at the beginning because you are at a high risk of hurting your body, injuries, and your muscles might turn sore.

The main aim of initial workouts is to prepare and condition your body for regular workouts. Such workouts need to be consistent and gradually built up.

Even as you embark bravely on your weight loss journey, you need not worry about the figures visible on the weighing machine. As a matter of fact, you are unlikely to notice any significant weight loss during the first couple of days.

However, with time, you will begin to shed off those extra pounds and become lighter and thinner. For now, all you need to do is to get comfortable as you adjust and make changes to your life so that you begin living a healthy lifestyle.


Think About Activities that You Love:
Obviously, there would be some activities that you enjoy. For instance, do you enjoy dancing? How about cricket or badminton?

If you love one of these or any other exciting activity, then find a partner and enjoy your favorite activity together. Let’s say you love ballroom dancing or badminton. Hunt for a suitable partner and head out to enjoy your much-loved activity with them.

Such play and fun will help you kick-start the process of calorie burning in your body. It will also help you start building endurance and strengthening your muscles.

Badminton for fitness


 There are quite a lot of people who enjoy walking, and to your surprise, walking is a highly effective activity, if done regularly. If you love walking, then challenge yourself by walking farther and faster. 

For instance, if you normally walk for 15 minutes, try and do 20 instead. Increasing your walking intensity makes it even more beneficial to you. You can start out slowly and gradually increase your walking time from 45 to 60 minutes each day.

Consider inviting a partner, neighbor, or friend to join you in your workouts. Having a company is always fun and motivating.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments at the end of each week. But make sure that your reward doesn’t mean a ‘Cheat Day’, or all your accomplishments will go in vain. Go to a spa for a massage, watch a movie, get a facial, or do anything that you find enjoyable.

Lose 10kgs in a Month by Increasing Your Resting Metabolic Rate

You should always try to increase your resting metabolic rate. The resting metabolic rate refers to the number of calories that your body uses to maintain vital functions. If you want to burn fat, then you should increase this rate which normally accounts for 65 to 75% of all the calories you burn.

What you need to do is to increase your muscle mass. Muscle is generally more metabolically active compared to fat, which means you will burn more calories if your body contains more muscle and less fat.

Each pound of muscle burns between 5 and 7 calories each day as you rest. However, a pound of fat burns only about 2 to 3 calories per day at rest.

If you gain more muscle, then you will increase your metabolic rate by 3 to 7 percent. For every pound of muscle that you gain, you will be able to burn an extra 30 to 50 calories each day. 

Also, building muscles as you lose fat is the best way to keep the fat and weight from coming back. Strength training helps build muscle so engage in strength training on top of you regular aerobics exercises.

Tips on Working Out Effectively

Climb the stairs to stay fit

First, start working out slowly and methodically, effectively working your way up to 45 or 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercises every single day.

This way, you will soon be able to burn about 420 calories per workout. The most effective approach is to either do short bouts of intensive exercises or one lengthy workout session.   

You can, for instance, go for a brisk, thirty-minute walk after lunch, then do a half hour of weights training after work at the gym. You can also choose to move around more during the day.

Think about climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator, or walking to the grocery store instead of driving there. Also, instead of calling your workmate, you should walk over to their desk to talk to them.     

All these activities will cumulatively help burn calories, so you lose more weight each day. You can take it easy on the weekends. However, you can also opt for light activities such as playing table tennis, playing with your kids, going for a trek, or even joining a sports team.

People going on treks


If you can remain consistent with all these new workout tips and observe a healthy diet, then you will be able to achieve significant weight loss per month. Even if you do not lose as much as you may want, you should keep going and be proud of your accomplishments. 

You should keep up this healthy lifestyle because it is extremely beneficial to you in many ways. The important thing here is to get on the right track and begin living a healthier lifestyle.

How to Exercise and Lose Weight in 30 Days with Aerobic Workouts

If you are worrying about how to reduce weight in one month and want to burn calories effectively, then you need to elevate your heartbeat for a long time. Aerobic exercises are one of the best ways to lose weight in one month.

They are most effective workout to increase your heartbeat as they cause your heart to pump oxygen and distribute it throughout your body, ensuring that you sweat profusely.

There are moderate aerobics workouts that you can do. They include brisk walking, leisurely cycling, moderate treadmill workouts, and low-impact calisthenics exercises. These can burn between 285 and 550 calories in an hour depending on your weight and fitness level.

 Vigorous workouts like martial arts, running up the stairs, sprinting, rope skipping and so on can burn between 575 and 1470 calories per hour. You need to perform these exercises on a regular basis, probably 4 to 5 times each week.
Sprint for a fit body

You should determine which forms of aerobic workouts are best for you and then try and do them at least 2 to 3 days per week. Each session needs to include moderate to vigorous workouts and should last between 30 and 45 minutes, or even 1 hour.

Strength or Anaerobic Workouts and Muscle building workouts burn calories in a different manner compared to aerobic workouts. Resistance machines, weightlifting, and intense calisthenics all enable you to increase your muscle mass significantly.

When your body recovers from these intense, anaerobic workouts, it raises your metabolism, and a higher metabolism simply means your body is efficiently burning more calories throughout the day.

Try and do anaerobic exercise two to three times per week on non-executive days. The exercises you can include are pectoral presses, push ups, squats, bench presses, standing flies, and triceps dips among many others.

Make sure that you do anaerobic workouts on non-consecutive days like Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for instance.

 It may not be possible to notice any significant muscle growth in the first couple of weeks until you lose most of the fat in your body. Therefore, ensure that you get rid of calories through proper diet and reduce calorie intake and through aerobic workouts.
Anaerobic workout

Combined Workouts, you can do both aerobic and strength workouts together. The main impact of combining aerobics and strength exercises is to build muscle and raise your heart rate.

A lot of experts recommend this dual-pronged approach, especially for seasoned individuals. It is also an ideal workout approach for those who wish to lose significant amounts of weight in a short period of time.

There are exercises that can help you raise your heart rate and build muscle at the same time. Examples of such exercises include hot yoga and sun salutations. Others include boot camp and circuit training.

Also, functional fitness and Ashtanga yoga makes use of rapid-fire moves and a range of motions to enable you to lose weight.

Yoga helps in losing weight

When it comes to circuit training, you basically change between muscle developing workouts like lunges, deep squats, and lifting heavy sandbags to high-impact cardiovascular workouts such as running up hills, short sprints, doing jumping jacks, or climbing ladders.

If you do combination exercises regularly, you will lose plenty of weight, eliminate fat from your body, and also develop lean, strong muscle.

Below are the types of workouts you need to combine in order to lose weight efficiently:

While most people can lose some weight by simply making some adjustments to their nutrition, a workout plan will make a significant impact on the total amount of weight loss.

A good workout plan should consist of both resistance and cardio workouts. This combination will help burn the calories needed for weight loss while strengthening your bones and toning your muscles.

The rate at which you lose weight will depend on a couple of factors such as intensity of workouts and diet.

1. Use Weights Resistance

Weights resistance is very effective in building muscle and also in burning calories. Lots of ladies are hesitant about lifting weights because they do not want broad shoulders, or biceps, which they consider masculine.

This is the wrong way of looking at weights training. The fear of bulking up should not be used to avoid lifting weights. Both men and women should engage in resistance workouts on a regular basis, preferably on non-consecutive days so as to build strong but lean muscle.

benefits of lifting weights for women

Typical weight training creates a beautifully toned appearance and will also increase your metabolic rate.

You need an elevated metabolic rate because your body will burn more calories even when you are asleep. An elevated metabolic rate ensures that your body burns calories so that you lose unnecessary weight.

It is especially important for women as they tend to have a slower metabolic rate compared to men.

2. Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are varied in nature. It involves any workout that greatly increases your heart. Examples of such workouts include running, rope skipping, swimming, and cycling.

Cycling helps in losing weight

Cardio workouts are among the most effective ways of burning calories so that you lose weight within a short time. It is advisable to find a cardio workout that you love so that you always look forward to working out.

Examples of favorite cardio workouts include a game of football, swimming and so many others.

The amount of calories that you burn will depend on your workout’s frequency and intensity. The more you workout and the more intense your workouts are, the more weight you will lose.

Some people find it difficult to handle tough workout sessions for 30 mins. It is okay in such instances to split the workout into two or three sessions. You can workout for maybe 10 to 15 minutes per session and still accomplish the same feat.

3. Cardio Workouts in a Steady-State

As mentioned above, all exercises that raise your heart rate and cause you to breathe fast are collectively known as cardio workouts.

During any cardio workouts or exercises, you will have to maintain the same level of intensity throughout the duration of the exercise. This is why the term steady-state is used.

Steady-state workouts compared to other types of workouts like IT, or interval training, and HIIT or high-intensity interval training. These tend to be shorter workouts that alternative with quite high-intensity exercises and rest periods.

Interval training is quite intense but great for weight loss. They burn body fat and massively boost your metabolism.

On the other hand, HIIT or high-intensity interval training is made of short bursts of high-intensity workouts like sprints or dashes up a flight of stairs.

This kind of training is quite intense, so beginners need to avoid this at least until they get used to intense workouts.

It is advisable to choose a cardio workout that you like or find preferable. However, you can also choose to just avoid those that you dislike.

 When working out, you need to love what you do so that you do not waver and your resolve stays strong in the long run. Also, you have the liberty to workout either indoors or outdoors. You can use cardio machines like treadmills or simply run on the playing fields and so on.
elliptical machine

People that are larger in size than the average person can opt for low impact workouts such as using the elliptical machine, swimming, or walking.

Access to either an elliptical machine or a cross-trainer is advisable for aerobic workouts. These machines are excellent because they allow you to lose as many calories as possible but are low impact hence safer than exercises such as road running.

Steady-state workouts have plenty of varieties and also keep getting harder with time. This not only ensures that you keep getting fitter and stronger but also makes sure that you lose as many calories as possible.

Elliptical machine offers you plenty of exercise options. Remember to vary your workouts because the more you do a particular exercise, the easier it becomes, and hence your body burns fewer calories.

Your motto or philosophy should be to get better each time compared to previous sessions. Each week should be better than previous ones.

4. Resistance Exercises

Push ups for weight loss

Another important aspect of working out and losing weight involves doing resistance workouts. Resistance exercises focus on building strength and muscle.

As you lose weight, you also risk losing some muscle. This is why it is important to also build muscle. Lean muscle is especially advisable because it makes you stronger and you can move faster, achieve more and basically be able to achieve a lot more.

Resistance workouts help you avoid losing muscles as you workout. Instead of losing, you will actually gain muscle. It is advisable to do weights training at least 3 times a week. You will focus on upper body workouts, core workouts, and total body exercises.

Core workouts – these include your back and abdominal muscles. Upper body workouts – these workouts cover shoulders and arms.

Total body workouts – benefit your entire body. Basically, as you become more and more advanced, you will need to include cardio workouts with your weights training for maximum effect.

 You will not only gain muscle and become fit but will also lose weight and reduce your overall body fat content.

Resistance training requires the use of some type of equipment such as dumbbells and benches, a resistance band, and a stability ball.

Ideally, you should have a pair of dumbbells of varying weight. One pair can weight about 10 pounds and the other about 20 pounds. These will be used to perform different exercises. Each resistance training workout should not last any longer than 30 minutes.
Types of Resistance Training Workouts:
Barbell curl for increased resistance

You can find workout plans for people of all fitness level. For instance, there are workout plans for beginners and others for experienced or more advanced individuals.

Basically, if you are unfit and haven’t exercised for a long time, then you should start with weight loss programs for beginners.

However, if you have been working out regularly for quite a while, then you can try the more advanced weight loss program. If you are unsure about your fitness level, then you should consider starting at a lower level.

You can always skip ahead if you feel that a particular level is too easy and switch to a difficult plan. The good news is that all of these plans burn calories and require commitment on your part.

As long as you give it your best at every workout, you will definitely make progress. You will burn calories, drop the pounds, and even get stronger.
Always remember to:

i. Consult a healthcare practitioner before you begin a new exercise program, especially if you suffer a medical condition.     

ii. You should do some warm-up exercises for at least 5 minutes before you start any workout and another 5 minutes afterward to cool down. Also, remember to stretch appropriately after your workout program is over.

Here are Some of the Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

It is imperative that you work your entire body so that each part is strong, fit, and toned. There are a couple of exercises specified here for a 30-minute circuit. You can attempt each particular exercise for about 30 to 45 minutes then take a break for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Ensure that you repeat the exercises two or three times to capitalize on the weight loss aspect. How to decrease weight in 1 weight more effectively? Perform these workouts to achieve your goal faster.

1. Perform Lunge Exercises using the Stability Ball

Use stability ball to perform lunges

This exercise focuses on your quadriceps or front thighs, and your hamstrings or back of thighs.

First stand right in front of the stability with your left foot on the ball. Now contract your stomach muscles then bend your right knee then lunge forward. The stability ball should roll backward so that your shin moves right across it. You need to focus on moving the ball not from your foot but from your pelvis.

Get the ball back to the starting position and follow the same procedure using the other foot. Remember to maintain the right knee remains soft and do not lock the standing knee.

2. Perform Back Extensions using the Stability Ball

This workout focuses on your bottom or glutes, and on your back.

First, lie with your stomach on the stability ball. Then place both your feet against an object such as walls and so on. You will need to cross your arms across your chest. Now squeeze your glutes then raise your torso upwards so that your entire body forms a straight line.

Maintain this position for a brief while and then slowly move back to the starting position. Now repeat the exercise all over again.

3. Triceps Extensions Lying on the Stability Ball

Triceps extension using stability ball

The stability ball is an extremely versatile piece of equipment with many different applications. You can work your triceps while lying on it. The tricep muscles are the ones found at the back of your arms.

You will need a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. Grab a dumbbell in each hand then lie on top of the stability ball. Now form a straight line with your body from the shoulders to your knees. To keep your glutes engaged and hips raised, ensure that you push your body weight to your heels.

Hold the dumbbells one in each hand then raise your hands straight up in the air. This is the starting position for this particular exercise.

Try and bend your elbows as you lower the dumbbells but without moving your upper arms. Make sure that your forearms are parallel to the floor and beyond.

Now raise your arms and restore them back to the starting position. If you feel any pain in your elbows, then probably the dumbbells are too heavy so try and find lighter ones or reduce the number of repetitions.

4. Single Leg Squat on the Stability Ball

This particular exercise targets the back of your legs or hamstrings, the front part of your legs known as the quadriceps, and your bottom muscles or glutes.

Single leg squat using stability ball

Place the ball against a wall and stand in front of it. Leave a gap of about one foot between you and the ball.

Now get the lower part of your back on to the ball and place your hand on your hips.

Then raise one leg, preferably your right one, to standing position.

Now bend your left leg and squat down then roll the stability ball down the wall.

Then rise up and get back to the starting position. Make sure that you repeat the exercise on both legs.

5. Triceps Dumbbell Extensions

This exercise is effective in developing the muscles at the back of your arms. These muscles are known as the tricep muscles or triceps.

Perform triceps dumbbell extensions

First, take a dumbbell in your hand and stand with feet astride. Your left leg can be in front of the right one. Next, ensure that you lean forward and support your body’s weight with the front leg.

Lift the dumbbell close to your side by bending your right elbow. This will be the formal starting position for this workout.

Next, stretch out your arm, so it is straight and move it towards the back. Ensure that your elbow remains lined with your body.

Now slowly but steadily bend your elbow towards your back so that you resume the initial or starting position.

You should repeat this exercise by simply switching arms. Make sure that your elbows do not lock when you extend your arm towards the back.

6. Spider-man Exercise

This workout target your abdominal muscles, the upper back, rear upper arms, and your shoulders. Get into the standard push-up position with hands beneath your shoulders and arms straight down to the floor.

First, bend your right leg and push it outside so that your knee is closer to your left elbow. Then resume the official starting position and change sides.

Make sure you repeat the exercise between both right and left sides. Keep in mind at all times that quality in your workouts is much more important than quantity. If you are struggling with a particular workout, then do fewer repetitions.

7. Perform Lunge Exercises

Lunges affect different parts of your lower body including quadriceps, glutes and the hamstrings. They are important in developing strong leg muscles.

You need to first get into the lunge position. This is a simple enough position. Simply take a step forward with your right leg ensuring that the knee stretches out beyond the big toe. The rear knee needs to be slightly raised above the floor.

To perform the lunge exercise, first, lower the knee such that it’s just above the floor. Next, raise the knee and resume the starting position. Repeat this movement once or twice more. You should ensure that you complete a set with one leg then switch and use the other leg.
Perform lunges

As you perform the lunge exercise, ensure that you keep the hips as straight as possible and the stomach taught. Your upper body should also remain upright throughout the entire process.


Drink Water Frequently

Why is water important to human body?

Water is absolutely essential for your continuous good health and hence should never be neglected. Healthcare experts recommend taking 6 or more glasses of water. Many think the ideal number is 8 glasses.

Failure to take in the recommended amount of water could lead to problems such as dryness of the skin, frequent tiredness, dehydration, and constipation. Also, drinking sufficient water helps you in your goal of weight loss in a month.
Glasses full of water

Facts about Regular Water Intake

You need to begin each day by drinking one glass of warm water. This water with awaken your internal organs and get them to function efficiently.      

Try and drink a glass of water 15 to 20 minutes before a meal. Water helps to suppress appetite so that you consume less food and keep your calorie intake low. 

Also, carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Make sure that the bottle is emptied before lunch then filled and emptied again in the course of the afternoon.

Anytime you feel like taking a snack, opt for a glass of water. The water will control the urge to snack, and you will soon forget about snacking.

Never be concerned about the quantity of water than you consume each day. Water can never make you fat because it has no calories.   

You can even mix a bunch of fruits together then add mint and mix these with you water. This way, your water will no longer be boring but fun, exciting, and tasty.
Make your water intake interesting with detox water

People often disregard water because it is rather plain while their taste buds demand for something a little fancier. If this is you, then consider making your water exciting by mixing it with fruit or vegetable.

Lemon water is quite popular. It is a creative way of drinking water while also benefiting from the nice lemon fresh taste.     

Lemon also has many benefits for your body including vitamin C and its antibacterial properties. There are other options that you may want to look at, for instance, adding slices of cucumber or strawberries to water.


How Enough Sleep and Rest is Related to Weight Loss

I'm sure you're wondering how enough sleep falls under our "tips to lose weight in one month".

Allow me to explain how crucial it is to get enough sleep and rest.

You need to understand by now that sleep does have an enormous effect on your overall body weight and well-being. Your whole body is designed to take regular breaks and relaxation throughout the day. Therefore, ensure that you take rest substantially each and every day.

Sleep, rest, and relaxation ensure that you remain healthy, in excellent condition, and with less fat and more muscle in your body. Doctors have for many years advised us to rest occasionally, sleep daily, and relax whenever we can.
Sleep and allow your body to repair itself

Lack of sleep persuades you to make bad food choices such as coffee, sugar, and junk foods. Even worse is that, if you do not sleep enough, your body will find it difficult to heal itself after exercising and working out. This is definitely unacceptable, hence ensure that you rest enough and relax as often as you can.

There are numerous negative effects that are as a result of a lack of sleep.

Some of these include severe yawning, cognitive impairment, elevated type II diabetes risk, hallucination, elevated heart rate, body growth suppression, a dysfunctional immune system, and even aches and tremors, and elevated heart disease risks.

To counter sleep deprivation, you need to ensure that you go to bed early and sleep right away each night. If you can, do so a couple of hours earlier than usual then try and see what time you wake up.

If you stay up late in the evenings watching a movie, or a favorite program on TV, why don’t you record and watch it during the day.
A sleep deprived man

It is also highly advisable to take afternoon naps, especially shortly after lunch. Plenty of athletes, including pro bodybuilders and health conscious individuals, usually take a nap in the afternoon.

A nap after the lunch helps you to relax your mind and prepares you mentally and physically for all your afternoon activities.

Health experts advise us not to view rest and relaxation as occasions that take away from you, or option activities that you can happily do without. Instead, you should learn to view sleep or rest as crucial personal time.

Sleep is considered sacred and not just something that you get to do from time to time.

Unfortunately, the importance of sufficient sleep each night and proper rest regularly is overlooked, especially in matters to do with a healthy lifestyle.

The reason is that we have been accustomed with the belief, maybe rightly or wrong, that hard work takes precedence over everything else in life. At least if you really want to achieve your goals.

Even where we work, any downtime is more often than not considered detrimental and is often frowned upon by the bosses. Sometimes this happens even when your manager or boss understands that you need really need to relax.

Society today sees inactivity as a complete waste of time as most places of employment tend to promote continuous productivity and hard work throughout work hours.

Bosses and senior executives will often frown upon employees who take time off at crucial times of the fiscal year. The general idea that we draw from this is that sleeping, resting, and taking a break at work is not considered a smart thing.

Importance of taking breaks from work

All too often, personal health tends to take a backseat while work is given a priority especially when you are entrusted with serious responsibilities.

It may appear to a lot of people that leading a healthy lifestyle is quite complicated. However, as a determined person, what you need to do to improve your overall quality of life is to begin living an active life.

Also, think about eating only one meal each day and then ensure that you perform at absolute peak levels each and every time.

Most people may find it difficult and challenging to live a healthy lifestyle due to the rigors of life. Time often seems insufficient to accomplish even the most minor task.

But if you can let it sink into your mind the importance of sleep and relaxation, then you will find a way to make sure it becomes an integral part of your everyday routine. Also, your concern about losing weight in a month will reduce.

Try and Rest in Between Workouts

Every time you put yourself out there to exercise, always ensure that you learn to pause and unwind.

As you relax, you allow your tired and injured muscles to heal and undergo repair. In fact, if you are observant, you will notice that you actually lose more weight and gain more muscle when you take breaks to rest in between workouts.

Rest allows muscles to get toned better and you will become much stronger and fitter simply because you have learned to rest and relax in between workouts.

So, remember that, as you workout, your body needs to take a break and your muscles need to relax to heal, grow, and gain strength.

Learn to relax the body

Improve your mental health with meditation

Relaxation is often confused as a component of meditation or even an act of yoga or something. It is not often considered as a positive attribute that is necessary for our lives each and every day.

Yet relaxation is well known for its strong powers of lowering blood pressure, managing weight loss, and for pain management. 

For many years, health practitioners have attributed stress to conditions like obesity, chronic headaches, digestive problems, and even chest pains.

Did you know that you actually lose weight, among many other positive attributes, when you rest? This is the reason why you need to find time each day just to relax, unwind, and take it easy.

Make sure you get sufficient sleep each night

Ideally, every adult should have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. Getting anywhere between 7 and 9 hours each night is what is recommended. It is when we are asleep that the body gets to heal, repair, and grow.

Essentially, sleep does play a huge role in our lives, especially in promoting a healthy cardiovascular system and heart. By sleeping well regularly, you avoid conditions such as kidney disease as your organs, including the liver and lungs, get a chance to rest.

Learn to say no

It sounds simple enough yet a lot of people out there are simply not able to turn down requests from friends, family, or at work.

Saying no to people or turning down offers or requests do not, by any chance, mean that you do not like them or care about them.

Take for instance:

A sibling wants to come over for a visit on your rest day. If you can, then learn to say no every once in a while. This way, you will avoid stressing yourself and instead get sufficient time to sleep, rest, and relax which eventually makes you a better person.

Why is 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep Important?

It is crucial that you get sufficient sleep each night if you are to attain your desired weight. Plenty of us believe that only eating affects weight and to lose weight, we simply need to avoid food. While there is some truth to that, this statement is not accurate.

Food deprivation is not necessarily a healthy way of losing weight and keeping it off. Sleep is actually a necessary ingredient if you are to see the results of your regular workouts and healthy diet.

For a long time, people have used the adage “Eat less and move more” in reference to losing weight and looking good.

However, because of the busy lives we lead nowadays, people hardly get the time to sleep. Often times, we get insufficient amounts of sleep on a regular basis, and this can lead to, among other things, weight gain.
Lack of sleep affects your work

Generally, almost 36% of the population suffers from insufficient sleep. If you get fewer than 7 hours of sleep per night, then you are definitely not getting all the sleep and rest that you require.

Those who suffer sleep deprivation have a tendency to eat more than normal and also shed fewer pounds even when they begin living a healthy lifestyle. Yet those who get sufficient sleep often lose more weight and also manage to keep it off effectively.

When you wake up after sleeping poorly, you will, for the rest of the day feel dazed, exhausted, and confused. And it is not just the brain that feels terrible but the cells in your body too.

Take your metabolism for instance. It tends to suffer from the lack of sleep in your body so it will not function effectively. Your insulin sensitivity is also bound to suffer.

If you get sufficient sleep most nights, then your insulin levels will be normal, and lipids and fatty cells in your body will be eliminated efficiently. When your body, however, becomes resistant to insulin, then it will not eliminate fatty acids or lipids.

There will be excess insulin in your body which will store fats in all the wrong places. This kind of problem will only make things worse, and you might end up with diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic condition.

Also, lack of sufficient sleep increases the yearning of eating food, junk food in most instances.

Lack of sleep increases food craving

Hunger is generally controlled by two hormones in the body and is not a factor of willpower or self-control.

One of these hormones is released into your bloodstream if you get less than six hours of sleep at night. It is easy to compare sleep deprivation to being drunk. 

You will suddenly start craving for food like an alcohol addict craves for alcohol, and this is likely to cause you to increase, rather than lose, weight.

Learn to Prioritize Sleep Over All Other Things:

You tend to be healthier and happier when you get sufficient sleep at night. Your body will be more efficient after a good night's sleep.

When you put on weight, you put yourself into the risk of becoming obese which is a prelude to various chronic conditions. In fact, a good night's sleep is so much more important than losing weight.

Sleep affects your heart, kidneys, coronary system and so much more. It is absolutely vital for your overall health and well being.

Just to be clear, you should aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. When you do not get sufficient sleep one night, ensure you get sufficient sleep the following night. Do not have two consecutive nights of poor sleep.

Advice on Getting a Goodnight’s Sleep

  • Maintain a regular sleeping and waking hours
  • Ensure that you don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle each day      
  • Wake up without an alarm    
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol at night      
  • Avoid smoking just before bedtime
  • Minimize noise levels, hot or cold temperatures, and light where you sleep

Excellent Ways to Unwind and Relax

1. Identify your passion:

Try and identify a passion or hobby that you love. For instance, think about soccer, basketball, fishing, surfing, and so on.

Perhaps you enjoy mountain climbing, hunting, skating, or any other activity. Engaging in a hobby that you like helps you burn more calories.

A woman skating

2. Join a fitness class:

If you have a competitive spirit and generally workout harder than most people, then you should think about joining a group fitness class.

These classes are likely to motivate you, challenge you, and give you an excellent chance to meet new and exciting people.

Think about activities like salsa dancing, kickboxing and karate. If you can attend a class at least once a week, then you burn even more calories and find more fulfilled.

Join a fitness class

3. Engage in outdoor activities:

There are lots and lots of different outdoor activities that are fun and exciting. You need to identify a couple of them that you enjoy and love. These activities are hugely beneficial to you.

 Think about kayaking, swimming, camping, or rowing. You can join a local club and participate in outdoor activities that you enjoy.


Thank you for making it through to the end of this article, let’s hope it was informative and able to provide you with all of the knowledge and tools you required for maximum weight loss in one month.    

Now your next step should be to prepare yourself for the changes you will need to make for achieving your goal. Believe that in 30 days you will see a significant loss of body weight healthily.

Keep in mind, even after losing those extra kilos, you cannot go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. That will result in waste of time and efforts.      

Adapting a proper diet and workout are the best ways to lose weight in a month. These steps are practical, proven and easy to maintain throughout for a healthy living. It includes more than just healthy eating.

It also includes proper sleeping habits, regular workouts, drinking plenty of water and so on. If you can adjust your lifestyle this way, you will be living a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

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