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Welcome to the Jump Start Program. By following this program, you will not only get started on your weight loss journey, but you’ll also gain more energy, feel better, and be on your way to a much healthier and happier you!


This 7-Day Jump Start is just that… a jump-start.

It is  not a 7-day quick fix so you can go back to your old habits , but rather a program designed to give you a solid nutritional base that will hopefully translate into a long-term healthy eating and lifestyle plan.

The 7-Day Jump Start meal ideas are nutritionally balanced, natural, easy to prepare and inexpensive.

But before you grab your keys to head to the grocery shop to stock up on healthy food for next week, we need to figure out WHY you want to do this program…

We need you to go deeper in your mind, go beyond thinking about a “diet”. We need you to do a little homework to outline why you chose to start this program so you’ll not only stick through week one, but will WANT to keep the new habits going.

So let’s go!


Download the main Jump Start Guide below.

Access LEAN – the mini workout program.

Download the success tracker (printable) sheet.