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Jump Start – Members Home

Welcome to the Jump Start Program. By following this program, you will not only get started on your weight loss journey, but you’ll also gain more energy, feel better, and be on your way to a much healthier and happier you!



This 7-Day Jump Start is just that… a jump-start.

It is  not a 7-day quick fix so you can go back to your old habits , but rather a program designed to give you a solid nutritional base that will hopefully translate into a long-term healthy eating and lifestyle plan.

The 7-Day Jump Start meal ideas are nutritionally balanced, natural, easy to prepare and inexpensive.

But before you grab your keys to head to the grocery shop to stock up on healthy food for next week, we need to figure out WHY you want to do this program…

We need you to go deeper in your mind, go beyond thinking about a “diet”. We need you to do a little homework to outline why you chose to start this program so you’ll not only stick through week one, but will WANT to keep the new habits going.

So let’s go![/cs_text][x_accordion class=”mtm”][x_accordion_item title=”Step 1 – What Needs To Be Done First…” open=”false”]You’ll begin by answering a few questions… about yourself.

You will keep these answers by your bed and look at them before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up.

This is very important. Research has shown multiple times that the habits near your sleeping/waking times are the ones that you’ll stick on to, the most.

In addition, from these four questions we will make three short sentences that you can review throughout the day.

You can write the answers or stick them on your computer or the refrigerator door. Doesn’t matter where you put it, just as long as you can see them to help keep you on track.

Why we need you to do this: How many times have you set out to do something, but never started, much less completed the task?

It’s ok, almost everybody on the planet has done this at one time or another.

Millions of people have set out to read a book, lose weight, or learn a skill; but never ended up doing it because they didn’t have a structure in place to keep them on track. Everybody starts out motivated, but that motivation fades quickly, dies completely at the first bump in the road.

So let’s bypass motivation and let’s begin!

Grab a pen and some paper.

It is time to start writing. We have some questions for you that we would like you to answer. Move on to step 2…[/x_accordion_item][x_accordion_item title=”Step 2 – The Questions…” open=”false” class=”mtm”]

1. What is your primary reason for wanting to lose weight, be healthy & adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Is it so you can play with your kids? Is it because you want to be able to walk a flight of stairs without being out of breath? Is it because you want to live longer? Is it because you had the lifelong dream of running a marathon? Do you just want your clothes to fit better?

2. Fantasy

If you could have any type of body, what would it be? What would you feel like begin in such a body? How do you think people will change their behaviour with you with an attractive body? (Sad but true). How would you live with this new body? What sports would you play? How would your priorities change? Be as detailed or free-thinking as you want.

3. Long-Term

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Imagine it and be as specific as you can. Example –“I would be fit, toned, pain-free, working out regularly, making more money, in a new city?”…

4. Short-Term

What needs to be done every day for it all to happen? What time do I need to wake up? What preparations/planning do I need to be making every night before going to bed? What people do I need to surround myself with, who’ll support me in this endeavour?

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; it is all about what’s important to you.

Write what’s the reason, why it’s so important, and how will losing weight & changing your lifestyle impact your life?

Now, whatever you scribble down, we want you to keep the answers to these questions close to your bed.

Review them on a daily basis.

Read them before you go to bed at night and first thing in the morning when you wake up.

The more you review the reasons, ‘why’ this is important to you, the easier it will be for you to accomplish your goals.

As you review the answers to these questions on a daily basis,  your mindset will change .

Your mind will begin to operate in a positive state, instead of a state of negativity or doubt.

And that’s the state of mind that produces those success stories we all see!
[/x_accordion_item][x_accordion_item title=”Step 3 – Rules, Guidelines, Handy Tips…” open=”false” class=”mtm”][x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] First week: If your weight loss goals are significant, you should shed close to 2-2.5kgs in this week (or in 10 days). If you have less than 7-8kgs to lose, you may lose less the first week, but that’s VERY normal. In that case, give this regimen 4 weeks to judge and see significant progress.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] DO NOT SKIP ANY MEALS!

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] Try to eat no more then 2 servings of STARCHES per day.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] Ideally these should be eaten prior to 3pm and never both at the same meal.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] NO ALCOHOL on this plan

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] NO CHEESE the next 7 days.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] No unaccounted nibbles of anything outside of this plan. Those tiny ones add up, and will mess up your results.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] If you drink coffee or tea NO ADDED cream or sweeteners allowed during this plan unless it’s just natural Stevia (green powder, NOT the drops).

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] We suggest getting a high quality WHEY protein, as well as a Vitamin supplement.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] Drink at least a glass of water every waking hour.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:green;”] Green tea can be had as much as you want, even up to 5 cups/day.

[x_icon type=”lightbulb-o” style=”color:orangered;”] Use (natural) Stevia as a sweetener wherever possible. Avoid sweeteners containing aspartame, sucralose or xylitol.




Download the main Jump Start Guide below.

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Access LEAN – the mini workout program.

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Download the success tracker (printable) sheet.

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