A habit is anything you do every day without thinking much about it.

It is something that occurs automatically.

If you have a tendency of making your bed in a particular way, waking up at a specific time, taking naps on weekend afternoons, or maybe checking your phone before you do anything in the morning, these are your habits.

Things that are part of your normal routine are habits/behaviors.

Some of these behaviors are positive, some are negative; these specific patterns that you may have are what drive your day to day activities.

When habits/behaviors become part of you or who you essentially are, it means they have become a part of your routine.

If you want to change your behavior, you need to examine your habit/behavior patterns and start working on eliminating “bad” habits/behaviors, acquire “better” habits/behaviors to move forward.

Individuals tend to focus too much on the outcome of the process instead of the process itself which is where all of the eventual success comes from.

Why Habits?

If successful weight loss is what you are after, your primary focus should be on building habits that increase your productivity and develop essential skills that will lead you in the direction you want to go.

Here are various solid reasons why habits are the ultimate ladder to the achievement of your weight goals.

Good Habits Help You Reach Your Weight Goals

If, for instance, you wanted to become a professional cricket player, you would not just jump feet first into international cricket, you wouldn’t even make the cut.

It takes a lot of practice, months, or possibly years of training, before you can become fit enough to play alongside other well trained cricket players. (Like our wonderful Women’s Cricket Team!)

As such, the first step would definitely be to build an every-day habit of training.

We are not focused on the outcome of the habit/behavior, which is the ultimate goal which is what guides us.

We are focusing on developing the habit/behavior with the thought that the outcome is inevitability because the habit/behavior is moving us in the direction of accomplishing the goal.

Most people focus on the goal and try to complete the goal and fail to understand that in order to change things about your behavior, about the road you are currently on you need to identify the habits/behaviors that have gotten you to that specific point.

This is a crucial piece of information you will need.

If it is a better job you want, you must begin the every-day habit of looking for work.

Beginning with the daily habit of doing 5 push-ups is a good way to start preparing for a target of doing 25 push-ups every day.

Even with the examples listed here, you can see that we have focused on the habit before trying to accomplish the goal.

We’ve probably said this more than a few times with all the habits /behaviors you want to form, the focus needs to be on developing the habit/behavior and not the outcome of the habits/behaviors.

Habits Are The Foundation Of Your Weight Loss Journey

Since habits/behaviors become an integral part of who you are as a person, the kinds of habits you select to embrace set the tone for your whole life. (We are not exaggerating here!)

If you develop good habits such as joyfully greeting your children, smiling, speaking to people, being polite, these behaviors tend to affect your personality.

If you develop good habits like never skipping breakfast, eating more frequently but smaller portions, moving around after meals, these behaviors will affect not just your weight but your overall health and well-being.

The more attention or focus that you place on certain activities, those specific activities/behaviors/habits will dictate how you interact with the world or your body, whether it be positively or negatively.

If you have embraced a habit of exercising three times every week, your tendency will be to want to eat slightly healthier than you are currently eating.

Some of the habits/behaviors that you acquire will have indirect benefits like the one above that can improve or worsen your life depending on the habit/behavior.

Most people try to change their habits overnight and forget the fact that it took months and years to develop them.

But that is not possible. You have to start slow, gain some momentum and then never stop.

Rather you will not be able to stop!

Habits occur automatically once they become habits!

Habits Are The First Step Of Your Weight Loss Plan

The fact that you are reading this, we shall assume you live a goal oriented life; even so, it is not the goal itself that will help you achieve your dreams, it is the habits/behaviors you create and follow that will ultimately get you there.

When we talk about the most basic building blocks of achieving any objective or goal in life or succeeding in whatever plan you create, we are taking about habits/behaviors.

So, if you have a life plan, think about the things you will do every day or regularly at least to realize it; in other words, think about the habits you have to create or change.

Now apply this same logic to your weight loss journey that you wish to embark upon.

After all this is a crucial part of your life, isn’t it? Is that not why you are here? To help yourself lose weight and attain good health?


So you need habits – habits that will push you towards your ideal weight and best possible health – not just for your, but also your family.

Building Habits Makes You More Productive

We all want to be more productive than we currently are.

It does not really matter what you do every day or where you work, we are all seeking ways to become more and more productive on the job.

But, what exactly is productivity?

Productivity is ensuring that you get things done within the set time and in the best way possible.

For most people, we are unable to become productive because productivity requires that you are disciplined and since this seems like hard work, we are constantly having a hard time being productive.

However, all this can change if you develop good habits that will increase your productivity.

Since doing, a particular habit does not involve much effort, if you build good habits, then becoming more productive seems a little bit easier. This is one of the main reasons to develop habits in specific focus areas like being more productive.

A lot of people tend try and change overnight not realizing that this is probably going to be one of the most difficult things to do when trying to do it in the short term.

All types of habits need to be broken down into steps that have the path of least resistance to achieve.

We will go into more specifics later regarding this habit building process and how to go about getting this stuff done.

All those books you read on productivity hacks, getting this done, goal setting, planning etc. fail to address the main thing that we are all need to focus on to make those things actually work – you guessed it THE HABITS!!!

Without a doubt, good habits/behaviors make you more productive, these habits/behaviors are things that allow you to get more done on autopilot that leads you a step closer to your goal.

In the following part, we will look at how to identify bad habits/behaviors so that you can break them and build good habits/behaviors that will ensure your success.

Identifying Bad Habits

To create good habits/behaviors, it is important that you identify the bad habits/behaviors that hold you back.

To identify bad habits/behaviors, you need to know their effects, which include:

Bad Habits Give Rise To Procrastination

One effect of bad habits like laziness is procrastination.

With procrastination, you never seem to get anything done and you are always late on doing things or you don’t do them well.

This will greatly reduce your productivity. This was an issue that a lot of our clients have.

They always want to do things; most of them would just read health blogs on the internet for hours but never practice anything useful.

We made them realize that there is so much stuff (mostly wrong stuff!) on the internet that it is impossible to read and understand it all, forget about practicing them.

All we do is ask them to trust us and give them a set of simple habits that they develop and follow and achieve their weight and health goals!

Bad Habits Make You Drift Away From Your Weight Goals

Another problem brought about by bad habits/behaviors is that they take you farther away from the outcome you want.

As an objective-oriented person, whether your objectives are short-term or long-term, there must be a couple of things you can do to make the objective easier to accomplish.

The problem is that even as you strive to adopt good habits/behaviors to help you along the way, some bad habits/behaviors are bound to pull you back and drive you farther away from the outcome you desire.

For instance, have you ever spent too long worrying about the outcome?

Your answer, as is often the case with many of us, is bound to be a yes.

This common bad habit/behavior pulls us back even when we are at the brink of achieving our goals.

This is always the common mistake everyone makes.

Focusing too much on the outcome and not the actual habit/behavior will take your attention away from what truly matters which is developing the habit/behavior that will eventually get you to your desired outcome.

Focusing too much on the outcome and not the journey will get you nowhere.

This is how it happens: you worry beyond what we can call ‘normal’ (every human being typically worries when he/she really is focused on achieving something very important).

For example. If I tell you that you must lose 2 kilos in this week, you’ll be worried about the outcome. You might be so overwhelmed that you might think it is pointless to pursue this impossible goal.

But if I tell you that you have to do Lean Workout for 15 minutes.

(Know More About The Lean Workout. We have our very own exercise cards, android application and video instructions at an unbelievable price!)

Which one is easier?

I guess we all know the answer!

What is wrong with the first instruction? (Which says that you have to lose 2 kilos in this week…)

It made you worry!

This worry therefore unnecessarily uses energy you could have otherwise used creatively or energy you could have put toward your desired outcome.

This is why you should always do your best, put in the hard work, relax, and let what will be to be.

Worrying too much can easily clog up your brain’s power and decrease your creativity; creativity is important to the attainment of a suitable outcome.

The bad habit/behavior of worrying too much which is directly related to another bad habit called “waiting for the right moment.”

This is something that we addressed earlier of bad habits having indirect benefits/drawbacks because of their very nature.

The truth is that the right moment does not exist. You simply have to pick a moment that suits the path you want to take.

Sometimes, waiting for the right moment is simply procrastination.

Therefore, the best thing is to act upon every moment while keeping your best interests at heart.

Waiting for the right moment is a bad habit/behavior that pushes you further away from desired outcome.

As a wise man once said… 

And losing weight is like growing a tree. You need patience, you need the daily habit of controlling your urges and doing the right things (like water the tree daily).

You might come across detox programs that claim that they can make you lose 3-4 kilos in 15 days but trust our experience, they are pure scams!

You do lose weight, but you gain it quickly – as soon as the detox program is over.

Read Why Detox Is THE Biggest Scam In The Weight Loss And Health Industry!

Bad Habits Are Bad For Your Health

Isn’t this obvious?

Yes it is! But people still fail to recognize bad habits!

Say, you wish to lose weight and someone tells you – Eat Less To Lose Weight!

Now, to most people that is good advice! But, in reality, it isn’t!

If eating less would lead to weight loss, it wouldn’t have been so difficult, would it?

But someone who has tried eating less even for a couple of days knows that it works for some time but then it backfires!

Suddenly you will find yourself eating way more than you used to before!

So never eat less. Just eat right!

This is another feature of out Lean Queen Program – We DO NOT restrict your diets… All we ask is for you to eat right and eat healthy.

(Ever heard of Calorie Counting? Read about it here and vow never to count calories!)

Bad Habits Distract You

Now, your weight and health depend upon a lot of factors – Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, even your moods!

If any of them are not at satisfactory levels, it will affect your weight and health in a bad way.

Say, you are angry most of the times – this is a bad habit!

Say, your sleep patterns change ever week – this is a bad habit!

Say, you do not exercise when there is too much work – again a bad habit!

Say, you eat more than 2-3 meals in restaurants every week – worst habit!

When you eat outside food, you do not know what goes into your tummy.

When you cook your food at home, it is not only less oil and more healthy but you know what you are eating!

So there are bad habits that are distractions and are making your weight loss journey tougher than it already it! (Oh we never tell our clients that losing weight is easy! We ask you to do things – like following a certain set of habits  – which will make it a easier.)

In Conclusion…

Good Habits are the foundation of every journey – becoming a good mother, achieving a promotion, and losing weight!

You cannot be successful without having a set of good habits that propel you towards your targeted success.

Also, a set of bad habits will only hamper your success.

So get rid of your bad habits and follow a set of good habits.

Speaking of habits, our weight loss program Scientific Nutrition’s Lean Queen is based on habits!

Yes! You don’t have to fast or workout 2 hours every day. All you have to do is follow a simple set of habits and witness the weight loss which is not only natural but also sustainable.

Read more about it here… Scientific Nutrition’s Lean Queen!

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