Push ups are great exercises and form a part of most workout regimes.

The problem? Most people don’t know how to do the perfect push up!

Let us show you how…

Push Ups: Step-by-step

  • Place your hands directly below your shoulders and your toes should touch the ground. There should be a small distance between your legs.
  • Now lower your body slowly in a controlled motion and keep going down until your chest barely touches the ground. Breathe in as you complete this step.
  • Push yourself back up. Exert force as if you were pushing the ground until you reach the starting position. Breathe out as you complete this step.
  • Repeat.

Push Ups: Precautions

  • At no moment should your back be arched. Your torso should be completely straight at all times.
  • Same goes for your buttocks. They should never stick out or dip in and should always align with your straight back.
  • Make sure your hands and toes are firmly placed throughout the exercise. If they tend to move, find a more suitable position.

The perfect push up is not elusive if you keep in mind and follow all the aforementioned pointers.

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