Avoiding These 4 Foods Mean You Have Already Won 75% of The Battle!

Now this is an interesting topic because one of the foods mentioned here are usually thought of as healthy, especially the way it’s marketed to us.

But when you remove these 4 foods from your diet, if you can completely eliminate, remove them, you will see the fastest results.

1. So the first food to eliminate and no surprises here – Eliminate Sugar

It’s very easy to over eat sugar, especially in India. Plus, it’s proven that sugar is addictive, like a drug.

And we Indians love our sugar, be it our Bengali sweets, our kheers, or our Murukkus, Sugar is a big problem.

But why? What harm can plain sugar do?

Well, a lot.

Let me make it as simple as possible to understand.

1) Sugar is, at the most basic level, the simplest carbohydrate.

2) To digest and absorb that sugar, your body needs to secrete insulin in your pancreas.

3) Next, when this insulin meets the glucose, which is what sugar is converted into in your blood, they both quickly pair up and the insulin helps the glucose to be absorbed in your cells.

4) So here’s how the cycle goes…

The level of sugar in your blood, or what’s commonly called blood sugar, is steady at first.

Then, you eat sugar.

Blood sugar increases rapidly, insulin increases rapidly in response.

Glucose is absorbed by the cells.

Blood sugar down, insulin down.

The same cycle repeats whenever you eat anything packed with sugar.

Now, why is this problematic? What’s the issue here?

Well, the primary issue is spikes in your blood sugar levels.

2. The second thing to eliminate is to – Get Rid Of All Liquid Calories

What are liquid calories?

Well, they are those food that are packed, again with sugars, but are absorbed in your body even faster, because they don’t require any significant digestion.

So, here are quick examples for you…


So what this means is saying NO to packaged fruit juice. That means no beer. That means no alcohol. It means no to soft drinks.

Get rid of packaged juices. They all claim to be “the healthiest choice” packed with vitamins and minerals. But if you look at the stuff in it, it’s got like 60 grams of sugar which is equivalent to eating a couple of Snickers bars. So avoid all of the calories.

And the thing is, even if these juices are packed with vitamins, you can get all of them with real foods, real fruits and vegetables.

Plus, the advantage of eating whole fruits and vegetables is that you are also eating all the fibrous part, which slows down the rate of absorption, which in turn means a steady blood sugar level.

So the next time you want to “drink your calories”, see how fast your body’s going to absorb them, packed juice? Big No. Freshly squeezed orange juice with pulp, probably a bit is fine.

Of course, you can still drink plain tea, or coffee.

So point to note: Drop liquid calories.

3. The third food to avoid – All Packaged stuff

We teach a simple thing to our members.

If you cannot describe HOW the packaged food is made, don’t eat it.

Here’s an example…

Can you describe how this chocolate is made? Can you picture the raw materials? Can you describe how the basic raw material, milk, turned into this brown colored sugary thing called as a chocolate?

You can’t, right?

Well, then it does not belong in your body. Plain and simple.

On the other hand, here is a pack of whole wheat flour.

Can you describe how it came into this packet?

I think most of us can, first the wheat is harvested from the bran, then it’s washed to remove all traces of the outer covering, and finally the seed is pulverized to make into a powder that we call wheat.

Great, so eat only those packaged foods, whose journey from raw material to end product can be described by you!

Simply following this one rule will result in you dropping many a kilograms over a year!

Now, two more issues with packaged foods are –

First of all, most of them have a lot of inaccurate nutrition data. Just google around for this and you’ll see a lot of examples.

So even if the food’s data is off by 10%, it can seriously mess up your nutrition profile.

The second issue is, almost 90% of all packaged foods are loaded with unwanted things like excess sugar, excess salt, preservatives, emulsifiers,
and basically chemicals your body doesn’t need.

For example, just look at the nutrition label of a popular biscuit:

Apart from the first three ingredients, the rest of them are things we can’t even pronounce, do you seriously need these in your body? We highly doubt.

In short, just remember this guideline – If you can’t describe how it’s made, don’t eat it. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it!

4. Finally, the last thing to eliminate is – All Processed Foods

Now, food processing is not necessarily bad.

An example of eating processed foods is what happens when you decide to eat white rice instead of brown rice.

What it means is that, generally speaking, you’re going to get a fraction of the vitamins and nutrients than what the complete food offers. So you’re going to get about 5 to 10 times the vitamins and minerals you would if you ate whole, unprocessed foods instead of their processed equivalents.

That’s one of the advantages of eating whole wheat, or brown rice versus white rice.

But, processed foods, for example, I’ll give you a perfect example…

Let’s say that there’s a family event, and you all go out to eat… and let’s say that it’s a typical restaurant serving north Indian style food.

Now being health conscious, your order the whole wheat roti without butter, great. And you order some vegetable that includes cottage cheese, that’s paneer, and some other veggies. Nice, healthy right?

But wait, that vegetables are chopped, finely diced, and cooked with gobs of cashew paste and a LOT of vegetable oils.

So even if you are eating the healthy roti, you are eating all this processed stuff and before you even realize it, you’ve eaten like 800 calories, and you aren’t even full yet!

How’s that possible?

How is it possible?

One word – Processing.

When they eliminate fiber or they fry food, when it’s finely diced and added, say, a sauce, it’s processed.

So you eat more food without feeling full.

Processing makes it really easy to overeat even if you’re eating a healthy food.

Think of it like – Baby food for adults!

So avoid all processed foods, as much as possible.

The easier way? Cook the food yourself.

We have adopted this horrible western theme these days and prefer to eat our meals outside. But believe me when I say that this is going to
explode India’s obesity problems.

Because, first of all our food industry is not at all regulated like the developed nations, and secondly, most of our restaurants have this mentality of producing maximum profit with the lowest possible quality of foods.

So what we end up eating is nutritionally low quality foods, fried foods, finely chopped foods, all kinds of processed foods that are super easy to eat and digest, but foods that wreck havoc in your body and make your unhealthy and overweight.

To Conclude…

Just start eliminating these 4 foods, some of which are not even foods to begin with!

First, eliminate excess sugar; it does no good to you.

Second, stop all liquid calories; this is the easiest thing to do. Just stop bringing home packaged juices and beverages.

Third, avoid those packaged foods where you cannot describe how they are made. Just see it and try to visualize how it must be made? If you cannot describe how it’s made, just leave it on the shelf of the supermarket.

And finally, avoid all processed foods – that means all foods that are purposely made easy to eat and digest to make you overeat. So it means avoiding fried foods, avoiding foods with refined flours, avoiding foods heavy in sugar and fats, and low in nutrients.

Just eliminate any food that falls in the above category, and by doing this and nothing more, you will drop loads of fat from your body within a few months.

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