Certainly a very important question for people trying hard to lose those excessive kilos!

A popular idea is the influence of your diet on weight loss is around 80%, whereas that of exercise is around 20%.

But Is This Legit? Let’s Find Out!

If you ask this question to your dietician, to protect his income from you, he will answer ‘Diet.’

If you ask the same question to your gym trainer, to keep generating income from you, he will answer ‘Exercise.’

However, if you ask us at ScientificNutrition the exact same question, we’d cringe!

We would say it’s equivalent to you asking a football fanatic, ‘Who should I follow – Ronaldo or Messi?’

He would simple cringe and scream at your face – You need both!

Just like he would tell you what’s so good and not so good about both of them, we will list down the pros and effects of both, Diet as well as Exercise to you.

How Much Does Diet Affect Weight Loss?

A study conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) declares that there is only one fact that determines the rate of weight loss – your aggregate calorie consumption.

It is mainly described as a phase between the amount of calories you burn and the amount of calories you consume. If a controlled calorie diet is undertaken, a healthy lifestyle and adequate weight loss (if needed) is very much possible.

A diet may include strict guidelines with respect to healthy foods over your favorite foods and drinks which will be barred from it.

Therefore, dieting is far more challenging as it requires mental preparation to embrace a change as big as switching your lifestyle.

Eating healthy means lowering the risk of life threatening heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure; hence it acquires a commendable area of importance.

How Much Does Exercise Affect Weight Loss?

Regular exercise has many pros in its favor.

Ranging from maintaining a good mood to a better heart, exercising or any form of physical activity is the pathway to a healthy lifestyle. It certainly is one of the main dynamics of ‘staying fit and healthy’.

Right from taking walks regularly to hitting the gym vicariously, the activity of exercising your body will work for you and produce stress busting results.

Exercise provides your tissues with oxygen and nutrients and helps ease out your blood circulation, effectively keeping you off heart diseases.

A good night’s sleep is a must in order to keep your body regenerated and exude energy and exercising or a daily workout routine provides you with just that.

Also, a workout routine doesn’t necessarily have to be exercise based or even the dreaded ‘hitting the gym’ routine.

A good game of badminton or practically any game or activity that gives you an adrenaline rush is a form of exercise that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So Should I Diet Or Exercise?

Well, Both.

We could say –  ‘Put More Emphasis On Diet’ or ‘Exercise More Than You Eat,’ but we don’t want to.

If we do, you will work with the notion that one of them is more important and the other less important.

We want you to just work on your weight constantly thinking that both are necessary if you want to observe results.

Then again we don’t want you to leave this page as clueless as you were when you clicked the link that got you here.

The truth is, in fact, dieting is slightly more important than exercising when it comes to weight loss.

There is some substance to the adage – You are what you eat!

A healthy, balanced diet ensure you do not tip the weighing scale. It also ensures better immunity and better health.

However, a considerably passive lifestyle with a strict diet is of little use.

The right balance between diet and exercise needs to be struck if you wish to become a leaner version of yourself.

This hopefully makes clear that a bad diet (a diet replete with junk food and untimely meals with balance of nutrients) along with a great work out session every day of the week will get you nowhere.

Healthy Eating is –

  • Eating the right foods.
  • Abandoning Junk completely.
  • Eating foods rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and low on fats and carbs.

Although only healthy eating will make you lose weight; not by much, however.

A good 30-45 minute session of exercise daily coupled with healthy eating is the best combination for weight loss.

You could do try following exercises –

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Zumba
  • Aerobics

So, to conclude, don’t be overdependent on either diet or exercise. Adopting only one of them while completely neglecting the other will get you nowhere!

Strike the optimum balance between Diet and Exercise!

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