“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

Today we will be talking about a particular type of foods.

These foods are villains hiding beneath heroic capes.

It is because people have convinced themselves that they are better than the foods they perhaps substitute or compare them with foods that are harmful beyond imaginations or simply are fantastically marketed by their sellers.

Here are the three most dangerous foods falling in the category mentioned…

Fruit Juices

So many soda lovers, with the notion that fruit juices are healthier than soda drinks, have substituted their sodas with fruit juices.

Now while such intentions are very good, the idea is certainly incorrect.

When you make juice out of any fruit pulp, you are essentially removing a number of nutrients like vitamins and fibers.

Packaged juices contain high amounts of sugars and artificial preservatives which are not good for the body. Some of the so-called ‘fruit juices’ in the market acquire their tastes from artificial flavours.

Even the fresh juices that you prepare at home are nothing but a mixture of a few minerals, sugars and water.

FACT: Orange juice contains the same amount of sugar as Coca Cola. (Taken in same quantities)

Also, people tend to cut down on eating whole fruits since they feel they have derived the same nutrition from the juices they have.

You will typically prefer to gulp down glasses of juice than eating the fruit due to the extra efforts you will have to put in peeling the fruit (which is something you ideally shouldn’t) and chewing it.

Resist this temptation and say no to fruit juices.

Whole Wheat

Now this is must come as a big surprise to our readers who have replaced the better tasting white bread with whole wheat bread thinking it to be a step towards better nutrition and health.

The problem with whole wheat is its high gluten content. That’s the blemish that should be enough for people from pursuing this ‘healthy’ option.

Gluten allergy is not a rare phenomenon but quite prevalent. People are not aware about it and that is the problem.

Even for people who aren’t allergic to gluten, it is not the healthiest nutrient in the world.

An ideal substitute for whole wheat flour would be almond flour which is more nutritious and a clearly healthier choice.

Vegetable Oil

The whole idea of vegetable oils being healthy took shape when fancy advertisements with catchy phrases started to take over the gaps between prime time televisions.

Then so many households replaced their former oils with vegetable oils in a bid to be a ‘happier, healthier family.’

Then came the deadly wave of chronic health diseases and people started to wonder what happened.

That is when vegetable oils came under intense scrutiny and were judged as criminals in the diet world.

Vegetable oils have a high percentage of bad fats and fatty acids which are responsible for a number of diseases pertaining to heart, inflammation and other chronic diseases.

Apart from these properties, the manufacturing process of vegetable oils is a huge cause of worry.

Vegetable oils extracted from the seed by a very heavy industrial process and there is use of toxic material such as bleaches, hexane and high temperatures.

The best oil that can be used for cooking is olive oil, hands down. It contains healthy dietary fats that can actually keep chronic diseases like diabetes at bay.

But since olive oil is also high in calories it is to be used in moderation.

So these are the top 3 harmful foods that are considered healthy for you. Don’t ever call them healthy again and advise your loved ones to refrain from them as well. Happy Eating!

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