How To Lose Weight – Part 2

Importance of Exercise To Lose Ugly Fat

Nope, you don’t have to live at the gym! Moderate exercise combined with dietary restrictions works wonderfully well. Take the help of a trainer if you decide to use the gym. Walking is always best and combined with slight running will also prove to be beneficial. If there is a swimming pool in your vicinity, please make use of it as it is the best exercise. You can also try our age old Indian practice of yoga as it has the added advantage of relieving stress and improve breathing and focus.

Practically everybody can do 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day, however the power of your workout will rely on upon your current state of wellness. Specialists propose bit by bit expanding activity power to keep away from damage.

As a thumb rule, 150 minutes of activity a week is highly beneficial. If you don’t have time to visit a gym or walk, then you could try gardening, cycling, jogging, walking as opposed to taking the transport, utilizing the stairs instead of the lift – these are all exercises that can help blaze off undesirable calories.

Any reasonable person would agree that any activity is superior to no activity. So given the off chance that you lead a stationary lifestyle; then actually strolling around your hinder for a day is going to something positive for your body and its digestion system.

Exercise also builds up more muscles. Muscles require more calories to keep up. The more muscles you have, the more calories your body would have the capacity to blaze, which can result in weight loss. Consistent physical movement may help you get thinner and maintain your desired weight level. It might likewise enhance your vitality level and cut down the risk for various diseases.

It is always best to try and mix some variety in your exercise routine as the same set of exercises can lead to boredom and also focus on one particular set of muscles. For example, cycling builds up your thighs but is largely ineffective for the upper torso. It is also advisable to first built momentum with simple exercises and then go onto the rigorous ones. A runner for example should first walk, and then jog and finally sprint only after the body is warmed up.

Cardio exercises are highly beneficial and you might want to consider this for permanent weight loss. It is always better to exercise early in the morning and ideally on an empty stomach but if you are pressed for time in the morning, you can do it in the evening. Start a cardio workout with half an hour on the treadmill or walk at a brisk pace.

Cardio sessions can help your body to burn stored fat deposits. Divide your exercise regime into upper body days and lower body days. This would result in overall training of your body and not focus on muscle growth in one area.

Exercising twice or thrice a day is of no use. Actually, it could be exerting your body. Numerous individuals don’t understand recuperation is really an exceptionally imperative piece of getting thinner and toning up. It is about quality of exercise and not the quantity.

Moderate activity is not troublesome. It should result in raising your body temperature a little and leave you short of breath. 

Moderate movement will vary depending upon the individual’s wellness level. For instance, walking a couple of yards may be direct action for somebody who is extremely unfit, while another person may need to energetically stroll for 30 minutes.

Don’t overdo exercises as it can lead to injury. If you frequently experience pain and are unable to do certain postures, it means that your body currently lacks the flexibility required for such exercises. It is best to first build up flexibility and stamina before proceeding to strenuous exercises.

You might even consider taking up a sport that you like. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at it as practise makes a man perfect. Sports are great for socialising and can also help in building overall stamina and balance.

Remember to sleep for at least six to eight hours as a lack of sleep leads to feelings of hunger resulting in overeating and obesity (source 1source 2).

All in all while it is possible to lose weight with a good diet only, it is always best to mix some exercise into your plan.

Without a workout or exercise, a nutrition program will not be very successful and you will not build up stamina. Simply using a diet will result in losing fat but also crucial muscle mass (as new muscles aren’t being added) but if you exercise too, then you will end up burning most fat. Muscle occupies less space than does fat so if you are muscular, you can eat more while managing to remain healthy.

Staying Motivated On The Weight Loss Path

Most people on a diet plan try a cheat meal as it is humanly impossible to do anything without a feeling of reward.

Don’t think of it as a cheat meal but instead think of it as a reward for following the diet plan strictly. Usually, a cheat meal should be on weekends, Saturday or Sundays are preferred by most people but this is not a strict requirement. Eat anything on the cheat day. Anything you like.

Try to make realistic and attainable goals instead of unrealistic weight loss bets. Try to lose 1 to 2 kilos a week so you feel motivated to continue. The age old adage, slow and steady wins the race works here too. You may even keep a diary or a journal to track your progress.

Thinking constructive is not only about self-awareness. It can also help with your weight loss program as a positive mindset will result in giving you the necessary willpower to stay aware of your eating regimen and attain your goals.

Consuming food ought to be carried out with the end goal of living. At the end of the day, you should perceive consuming food as something that you have to do in order to provide your body with sufficient energy for it to be able to keep up its state of well being.

Eat to live and not live to eat should be the motto of a healthy person. Avoid eating out of boredom or while watching television. Instead, try inculcating habits such as evening walks, visiting local sights or parks and hanging out with friends in a social or charity event.

It may take a week or two before you start noticing any visible changes but they will consistently show up. After the first month, you’ll start noticing some results. Keeping your inspiration up is a must during a weight loss plan. There will be days when adhering to a good diet goes out the window, and there will be weeks where you may not lose any weight – or even gain a little. The most important aspect is to keep your chin up and remain positive and motivated.

Before beginning your dietary regime, you may consider taking a picture of yourself. By doing this, you would have a picture that you can contrast yourself with, after weeks of weight loss. This can make you feel more motivated and keep you focused.


If you strictly adhere to this modest plan, there is absolutely no reason why you won’t end up with a healthy body. But if you suffer from any illness, it is always best to check with your Doctor first before following a dietary regime. Long haul weight reduction is not a simple objective to attain. Before you begin on a health improvement plan, chalk out a strategy that works well for you.

At the end of a dietary regime plan, you also ought to lead a complete reassessment of your get-healthy plan to see what’s working and not living up to expectations for you. This may include conducting an alternate self appraisal, having a therapeutic evaluation or appraisal by a weight reduction specialist.

In case you’re going to look for advice from your specialist, first consider what worked well for you and where you think things may have worked better (expecting obviously that you fell somewhat short of accomplishing your objective).

And if you did accomplish your objective, your next test is going to be keeping up your new achieved weight level in the long haul, which numerous individuals battle with, especially in the event that they haven’t rolled out changeless lifestyle improvements so as to achieve their weight reduction. Ordinarily, the speedier we shed pounds, the more improbable we are to keep it off.

While you need to assume liability for your conduct for a fruitful weight reduction plan, it serves to have help. Pick individuals who can support you in positive ways. Conceivably, discover individuals who will listen to your worries and sentiments. Your help supportive network can additionally offer responsibility, which could be a solid inspiration to adhering to your weight reduction objective.

Weight loss is about a change in lifestyle and a permanent shift in your dietary pattern. The main objective of a successful weight loss program should be to consider gradual changes that a person can sustain over weeks, months, years. It should result in a lifestyle change that can be sustained for life.

Remember, it’s a marathon race, not a 100m sprint!A few procedures can help us maintain our weight after a successful weight loss program such as checking weight frequently, at least once a week. Observing our weight normally gives a chance to think about how our lifestyle is influencing our weight and permits us to make a move before our weight changes significantly. One should keep on eating a low fat diet.

To summarize this 2 part post, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Nutrition is the king, exercise is queen. You CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet.
  • If you eat the correct foods, you can eat till you are full without EVER starving yourself.
  • Motivation is the “wazir” of the court! Without it, you cannot maintain the king and queen!
  • The most important phrase you need to remember – change your lifestyle. NOT individual meals. It’s all about how you can change your day, your weeks, and your years to better health than asking “Should I eat less?!”

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