We are sure most of you followed our tips to ward off weight gain during Diwali.

But those of you who didn’t or those who couldn’t follow our tips, this article is for you!

Most people gain about a couple of kilos due to binging on Diwali-exclusive food which is sugary and oily.

However, this weight gain can easily be reversed within a few weeks. But for that you need to follow our tips that we are going to cover in this article.

Mind you, these are bunch on lifestyle and nutritional changes that could be inculcated irrespective of how much you weigh or how much weight did you gain during Diwali.

So here we go!

Stop binging on the leftovers

Many people prepare surplus delicacies that might last for a number of days even after Diwali.

But it is your job to convince yourself to refrain from binging on them anymore.

You had your Diwali week and had hearty quantities of Diwali delicacies and now it’s high time you stop!

So say Goodbye to binge eating until next Diwali.

Stop Cheating

People! You had almost a Cheat Week!

That means you do not get to celebrate the upcoming few cheat days. Simple as that.

You might have been an ideal dieter before Diwali, but once we get a chance to cheat, we never let it go.

Cheating occasionally is not a bad thing. But Cheating distracts you from your goal.

You might have observed that sometimes there are 2, 3 or even 4 cheat days on the trot. It’s not your fault. You are only human.

So the best way to getting back to getting square one post Diwali, is stop cheating until you get there.

This means no junk, no processed stuff for you for at least a few weeks!

Meet Your New Best Friends

We are talking about liquid foods. They are, without a doubt, your new best friends until you get back in shape.

But we would ask you to be friends with them all your life!

We are talking of foods like coconut water, honey lemon water, soups, broths, buttermilk and smoothies.

These foods are highly nutritious and almost calorie-less.

Mind you, processed fruit juices are not recommended at all. Rather avoid them at all costs!

A glass of freshly made fruit juice wouldn’t hurt, but whole fruits are recommended instead.

Only Protein After Sunset

A seasoned dieter knows this – protein promotes weight loss like no other nutrient!

And also that your dinner should be really light and should include minimum carbohydrates and maximum protein.

This is especially crucial when you are trying to reverse Diwali weight gain.

So make it a point to have mostly protein for dinner. Rich protein sources are fish, chicken, cheese, eggs, yogurt and soya.

Sleep Like A Baby

A number of researches have shown that good and regular sleeping patterns help weight loss.

You must maintain a regular pattern. Say, go to bed between 11 pm-12 am everyday and wake up between 6-7 am.

The deviation from your sleeping pattern should be minimum.

Not only will this help you shed that flab, but also keep you cheerful and energetic throughout the day.

Sweat It Out

Like we mentioned in our pre-Diwali tips post, people tend to stop working whenever they get these mini-vacations. And that this is a big mistake that they make.

The fat that might have accumulated in your body over the past few days needs to be burned.

And for this purpose, only nutritional changes are not going to be enough. You need to start working out!

Most of us have a daily exercise like gymming, cardio, walking or jogging, yoga etc.

You need to step your game up for a few weeks until you get back to your previous shape.

So these are the things you need to do to purge yourself from Diwali weight sin.

But wait!

There are a few things that you shouldn’t do as well.

  1. Skip meals. Just Don’t. You will aggravate the problem instead of solving it.
  2. Start with new diets to lose weight faster. Like we said, it is going to take a bit of patience. Don’t lose it!
  3. Don’t be stringent from day one. Your body will crave for sweet, oily food from Diwali hangover. It is okay to have a bite a day from the leftovers. If you don’t you’ll soon be back to binging on them.

Follow our tips and remember our warnings and we are sure you will do a great job in shedding Diwali weight.

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