Nutrition and Diwali don’t go hand in hand.

But Scientific Nutrition is here to change that!

In this special article, we bring to you 4 tips you should remember and follow this Diwali!

Make your sweets at home WITHOUT SUGAR. (Also Without Compromise)

Like we always say, Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to those extra pounds people carry around with them.

But the Festival of Lights is also the Festival of Sweets!

The best thing to do this Diwali would be to prepare your sweets at home! That way you have complete control over the ingredients in your sweets.

Give up Sugar this Diwali and embrace healthier options like –

  • Jaggery
  • Honey
  • Stevia

Olive Oil or No Oil!

Recite and remember!

Diwali has all those deep fried delicacies that will shoot up your cholesterol levels sky high!

But we aren’t asking you to not eat them! Just have them in moderation.

And most importantly, use the light version of Olive Oil to fry your favourite Diwali Foods!

Do Not Indulge in your Gastronomical Fantasies after evening!

Do most of your ‘not so healthy’ eating during the day and have a really light dinner for the next few days.

You do not want your Diwali to be ruined by overeating of heavy, oily items during the night; and you certainly don’t want to see your waistline increase!

Walk An Extra Mile!

Diwali is a sort of mini vacation at home for working people.

But the result is nasty – ridiculous number of kilos are gained by people who act lethargic during these days!

People take a break from hitting the gym or from their exercise routines during Diwali which is a big mistake!

Do Not Give Up On Your Exercise Routines!

We’d rather suggest you to up the ante and work out a little bit more or walk that extra mile for your own good.

Wishing You a Happy and Nutritional Diwali,

Team Scientific Nutrition!

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