This is another type of leg raise wherein the starting position is plank position.

Leg Raise (Plank Position) – Step-By-Step

  • Start with the plank position – Place you forearms against the floor with your elbow directly below your shoulder and a small distance between your toes.
  • Now, raise your right leg upwards as much as you can. Your left leg should not move during this step.
  • Repeat step 2 with your left leg.

Leg Raise (Plank Position) – Precautions

  • All precautions that apply to plank apply here.
  • Make sure you are not straining your neck during any time during this exercise.
  • When doing a leg raise with your right leg, make sure that your left leg is unmoved and vice versa.

If done properly, leg raises from plank position will help tone your buttocks and increase the flexibility of your legs.

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