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One of the most interesting and tough ones is the Reverse Plank Pose.

Follow the video and text instructions to perfect the Reversed Plank Pose…[/cs_text][cs_text][/cs_text][cs_text]

Reverse Plank Exercise – How To Do It…

  • Sit on the floor with your legs extended. You hands should be on either sides of your body, your palms facing down and fingers pointed outwards.
  • Now push into the ground and lift your torso skywards. Your shoulders, hips and legs should be in a straight line.
  • Hold this position for as much time as you can.


Reverse Plank Exercise – Tips and Precautions

  • Make sure that you are looking forward and there is no stress in your neck.
  • Your shoulders should be in straight line. They should exert force equally and not only at the ends.
  • There should be no bends in your knees and elbows.
  • This is an extremely tough exercise. Attempt it only after you have perfected the plank and have developed sufficient core strength.
  • As the exercise card says, it is better to hold this position correctly for less time than hold it incorrectly for more time.


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