When it comes to weight loss, there are thousands of tips, ‘so-called’ quick fixes, workout schedules and diet plans available; but losing weight is a slow and steady process.

Look at it this way – The time it took for you to weigh as much as you do now is in the order of years, then how can you lose this weight in a matter of days and weeks?

A healthy weight loss plan involves a change of lifestyle; however changing your lifestyle is not all that tough.  Here are the 10 small changes that will do more than you think in your quest of losing weight-


  • Keep Track of What You Eat each day.

Keeping a food journal goes a long way. Keeping a track of your daily intake helps you see how many calories you are consuming per meal and where you need to cut back.

  • Water, Water, Water!

We just cannot stress enough on this point!

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drink as much water as you can.

Apart from weight loss benefit, there are uncountable other benefits that Drinking Water brings in to your life.

You can add honey or lemon juice to your water as too offer a host of health benefits.

  • Do not Eat out of Boredom!

We often confuse boredom with hunger.

Engage your mind in some activity like walking or reading or the hobby that you, perhaps, pursue.

Wait until your stomach starts to rumble before entering the kitchen.

  • Walk, Jog, Dance or Jump around!

If you do not have time to go to a gym every day or work out regularly, make sure that you incorporate small periodic walks into your daily schedule.

Climb up and down the staircase, jog, dance or just jump around with your kid or your pet!

Walking for just 15-20 mins everyday helps more than you think.

Yoga and Meditation are also useful to stay stress-free.

  • Eat foods Rich in Water.

Increase the amount of water rich foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, salads and cucumbers in your meals. They are low in calories and make you feel fresh and full.

  • Reduce White Food intake.

Avoid ‘white’ food i.e. food with white flour, added sugar, white rice etc .

Substitute them with high protein brown breads or brown rice. White food is high in carbohydrates and takes longer time to digest.

  • Nuts are Great for Snacking!

When craving a snack, opt for a handful of nuts and dry fruits. They are great for your body’s metabolism and keep hunger at bay.

Eat a mix of almonds, cashews, raisins and other dry fruits when hungry.

Read about Benefits of Nuts, Here.

  • Eat Smaller Meals with Smaller Portions.

Instead of three large meals in a day, go for regular “mini-meals”. A full meal is heavier on the body whereas having smaller meals helps to stay fit and active throughout the day.

If you must have three meals during the day, take a little less than what you can eat. Smaller portions, bigger benefits.

  • Eat more Fruits.

Fruits are amazing foods to keep yourself well fed and active without worrying about gaining more weight without compromising on the taste.

They contain astounding amounts of antioxidants and vitamins that are great for your health. Substitute drinking fruit juice with eating fruits to avoid the excess sugar and be healthier.

Apple is a wonderful fruit!

  • Go Natural, Be Happy!

Adopt a simple and natural lifestyle.

Watch one less hour of TV; ride a cycle or swim instead.

Avoid using elevators; take the stairs as much as possible.

Avoid Elevators. Take The Stairs Instead!


Walk a bit after every meal. Avoid junk embrace home-made food.

Spend quality time with family in the evenings.

Adopting these small changes in your lifestyle will seriously start surprising you in a few weeks time.

Not only will you have started losing weight but also feel revitalized throughout your day!

So opt for a natural lifestyle for a healthier, happier you!

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