It is estimated that we spend more than 6 hours staring at various screens everyday!

This increases the important of knowing and being in the correct posture while sitting tremendously!

If you are working and spend a lot of time in front of desktop computers or laptops you need to especially careful about how you sit.

Interestingly, most of you right now are sitting in an incorrect posture while reading this piece on correct posture!

No worries!

Once you go through the article you will be fully aware of the best posture you should be not only in front of various screens, but also during various activities like sleeping and running!

But running and sleeping? Aren’t we naturally correct about those postures?

Well, no!

There have been various researches on this topic and our natural postures during various activities are not the best postures for the body!

We haven’t evolved enough after all!

What might happen if I am not using the correct posture?

Nothing good. And a lot of bad!

For starters, you will experience pains in various parts of your bodies like knees, lower back, back, neck, shoulders etc.

If the pain doesn’t subside, it means you are still not in the correct posture.

Your spine might start to curve and this is really bad!

A curved spine cannot be straightened again easily and requires a number of medical procedures that will burn a big hole in your pocket.

Diseases like arthritis, swellings in joints and various other problems can start to appear if you are constantly in bad postures.

Not doing anything about bad postures can lead to shortened breath, chest tightening due to muscles contractions, and possibly even cardiac arrest.

Hence, correct postures are more important that you would have ever thought!

So let us learn the correct postures for various activities and imbibe them!

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