Do you bath using hot water?

Many of you must be like ‘What sort of a question is this?’ and the same people would be surprised to know that a few of the rest answered in the negative!

Yes, there are a few people who bath using cold water. Not cold as such, but using the regular water that comes out the tap!

Then there are some like me, whose water temperature preferences change with the atmospheric temperature!

I prefer steaming hot water during the winter and monsoon and lukewarm or cold water during the summers! 😀

So coming to the crux of the topic –

Ideally, what should be the water temperature with which I bath?

Well, it depends!

This is not a ‘God versus Devil’ case, rather the ‘two sides of the same coin’ sort of thing.

So both of them have their respective advantages that you can put to use in different scenarios.

Let’s have a look at the most important and useful ones.

Hot Water Bath Advantages

Most people I know would never trade their hot water bath for cold water and the reasons are various.

Firstly, a hot water bath is soothing, tension relieving and amazingly refreshing!

The feel is what people love a lot about bathing with hot, steaming water.

hot bath

Secondly, bathing with hot water relaxes your muscles and alleviates joint and muscular pains; it also helps in improving the flexibility of your body.

Next, you feel a lot cleaner after a hot water bath than you do after it’s cooler counterpart.

This is because you actually become a hell lot cleaner by killing all those germs that might have been living on your body surfaces and their inability to thrive under such high temperatures!

A nice hot bath just before going to bed will take you to heaven! Not Literally! 😛

I mean you will have the best sleep ever since hot water baths are known to make you calm and induce sleep.

Bathing using hot water is especially advisable to diabetics since hot water baths are known to reduce sugar levels something diabetics have a hard time controlling.

Even people who suffer from arthritis should bathe with hot water as it relaxes their pain.

People prone to common cold and cough should always bathe using hot water as it remedies common cold and cough by easing up nasal passage thereby helping you get rid of the illnesses!

Cold Water Bath Advantages

Even cold water bathing has a number of advantages and people reluctant to try cold water baths may be tempted to try them after reading the following.

cold bath

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, cold water baths are tailor-made for you!

Why? You might wonder!

Because it has been proved that cold water baths act like stimulants and make you more alert!

You might have noticed how hot water baths relax you. The exact opposite effect is imposed on you by a cold water bath.

Cold water baths are also known to ward off depression!

The production of depression healing chemicals rises when you take a cold water bath thereby making you more cheerful!

Cold water baths are also known to increase libido (sex drive). So if the romantic sparks in your lives have lessened you know what you have to do next! 😉

This one is going to produce a lot of smiles – Cold water baths might help in your weight loss!


Yes, according to a study, you can lose up to 5 kilos of weight in a year if you regularly bath with cold water.

Isn’t that just insane?

Cold water baths are known to increase your immunity and improve blood circulation as well.

They are known to be excellent for your skin and hair.

Unlike hot water baths which dry your skin and reduce the strength of your hair roots, cold water baths moisturize you skin and increase the strength of your hair and make them soft and silky.

For more tips to improve skin and hair health, we have a separate article which you can find here. 🙂

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