Who doesn’t love chocolates!

Chocolates are the best, aren’t they?

But all of us eat chocolates because they taste so delicious. We love the way they fill our mouths with deliciousness with every bite.

But you are doing yourself a huge favour every time you eat these kisses from heaven!

Chocolates, especially dark ones, are hugely beneficial to you in multiple ways.

Chocolates Are Nutritious

The nutrition that a bar of dark chocolate can provide to you is insane!

Chocolates are full of minerals. Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese. You name it and chocolate has it.

You would be surprised to know that a 100-125 gram bar of dark chocolate can provide you the recommended daily value of each of those minerals we mentioned in the above line.

Also, chocolate is rich in fiber, potassium, selenium etc etc.

Look Younger With Every Bite

Chocolates are stock houses of antioxidants.

And antioxidants are pretty important nutrients. But they are ignored by most of us.

Forget ignorance, a lot of people do not even know what antioxidants are.

Every one knows about protein and carbs and fats and vitamins but really a handful people know and understand antioxidants.

All those who do not, click here and know everything you need to about antioxidants.

So now that you know how important antioxidants are – how they slow down your aging, it is time you know that chocolates contain insane amounts of antioxidants.

Dark chocolates contain all sorts of flavanols and polyphenols which are really really powerful antioxidants.

Eat some dark chocolate regularly and soon using a fairness cream will become redundant to you.

Chocolates Protect You from Deadly Disease

Since chocolates are so abundantly nutritious, it’s no wonder that they keep a number of diseases at bay.

Chocolates Guard Your Heart

Eating chocolates will make sure your arteries do not clog. Clogging of arteries is the most common heart ailment.

Chocolates Reduce the Possibility of Stroke

People who eat dark chocolate on a regular basis are 17% less like to suffer from stroke during their lifetimes.

Chocolates Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Chocolates reduce bad cholesterol or LDL levels. To know more about bad as well as good cholesterol, click here.

Chocolates May Prevent Diabetes

As ironical as it sounds, there are studies which have concluded that chocolates can delay or completely prevent the onset of diabetes.

Chocolates Reduce Stress

Eating a piece of chocolate triggers the production of hormones in your body that make you happy. More happiness = Less Stress!

Chocolates May Help You Lose Weight

When you eat a few pieces of chocolate, it occupies more space in your tummy than its actual size. You may feel full after having just a single 30 gram bar of chocolate and hence not tend to over eat later on.

So indulge in your favourite chocolate right now and acknowledge all the good you are doing to yourself by doing so.

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