Being diagnosed by Diabetes is not pretty at all.

No matter what you do, it will always stay with you along with the awful restrictions it brings with itself.

Most of us have a relative or a friend who has diabetes and observing his/her lifestyle just makes us sad and pity them.

Their diets, activities, frequency of eating rather their entire lifestyle becomes like a puppet controlled by the puppeteer we all know as diabetes.

Fret not, however! You can prevent diabetes from entering and wrecking your lifestyle as you know it.

Preventing diabetes is not at all difficult and a few positive lifestyle changes will go a long way as far as prevention is concerned.

Scientific Nutrition’s 7 Tips to Prevent Diabetes

Test For Blood Sugar Levels

test diabetes

The first thing you must do is get yourself tested!

This will tell you not only whether you have diabetes or not but also how close or far are you from becoming diabetic if the test is in your favour.

We urge you to go through this link to understand the entire process of blood sugar testing in depth.

Keep Your Weight In Control

Obesity or being over-weight is the starting point of a number of deadly diseases.

Apart from making you look socially unacceptable, you are becoming a host of a number of illnesses and one of them is diabetes.

You must have observed how mostly the elderly suffer from heart diseases, diabetes and other potentially fatal diseases, it is because they find it difficult to control their weight due to reduced activity.

So keeping you weight in control will do you a lot of good that you will ever know.

For tips to lose weight, you can read this article.


exercise avoid diabetes

It is so so so important to not be a couch potato and exercise for a decent amount of time everyday!

Exercising can be anything – playing with your kids, swimming, yoga, playing a sport or even just going for a walk everyday.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean sweating it out at the gym; it could be anything that doesn’t involve just sitting idly!

So move your back off the couch if it tends to stay there for too long and start exercising regularly to keep illnesses away.

Eat Healthy

healthy eating avoid diabetes

Food – not just things to satisfy cravings but the means of changing your life. This is something we, at Scientific Nutrition, firmly believe in.

Of course foods satisfy your natural cravings and have the ability to tickle and arouse your taste buds, but it can do a lot more than this!

A man is what he eats – so eating healthy will make you healthy.

Start eating more veggies, fruits and reduce the consumption of unnatural foods or processed foods and you would have done well for yourself.

Eat Less And Eat More

eat less avoid diabetes


What we mean is eat smaller portions and eat more frequently.

This is a very common advice given to diabetics so that their sugar levels don’t spike or plummet.

But this is generally a good thing to follow.

It prevents your from staying hungry, overeating and helps considerably in losing weight.

Stop Smoking, Seriously!

stop smoking avoid diabetes

If you smoke, let me say this to your face – You are the most selfish person ever!

The consumption of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) tobacco and the addiction to nicotine are the worst things you can possibly do.

Smoking isn’t only damaging your lungs and your entire system, but also the systems of each and everyone around you.

So Stop Smoking – for the complete betterment of everyone!

An occasional glass of wine doesn’t hurt

A connection between the prevention of not only diabetes but also heart diseases has been established.

People who drink occasionally are less likely to be diagnosed with heart diseases and diabetes!

However, if you are not in to drinking any sort of alcohol, let this not be an encouragement to start! 😛

And we all know what happens what when you lose the count of pegs of whiskey you have had, right?

So avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and alcohol addiction. Drinking occasionally is absolutely fine.

So follow these tips and keep yourself and your family away from Diabetes.

Eat Nutritious, Stay Healthy!

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