In our previous post, we saw that Intermittent Fasting is not a one size T shirt and it fits differently for different people.

To give you enough scope to try and err, we give you 5 methods of Intermittent Fasting.

This, however, comes with a BIG NOTE:

While it may happen that no method works for you, we would like to congratulate you being a health freak and promise you there is a way for you.

We, at Scientific Nutrition, appreciate your effort towards your health and would like you to give us a chance to help you.

Here are the 5 methods we talked about:


(Also Popular as the 16/8 or the 16-8 Method)

Adoption of Leangains Method of Intermittent Fasting means starving for 14 hours (Women) or 16 hours (Men) and eating normally for the remainder of the 10 or 8 hours.

This method was first introduced by Martin Berkhan in 2008 and found a lot of takers.

You can read in depth about it, here.

A lot of people have lost weight due to strict adherence to Leangains Method. Try it for a few days to see if it works for you!

Eat Stop Eat

(Also Popular as the 5:2 Diet)

If you wish to adopt ‘Eat Stop Eat’ Method of Intermittent Fasting, be ready to give up food completely for at least one day every week.

For those great souls who can control their hunger the recommendation of this program is to starve yourself for two days a week (They must be evenly spaced. Say, Sundays and Wednesdays).

This method has been developed by Brad Pilon who has been honest enough to admit that this method can backfire and instead of making you lose weight, make you gain weight IF you do not limit your indulgence on the other days (The days when you aren’t fasting).

Warrior Diet

Warrior Diet is based on the fact that human body is supposed to control the diet.

It draws parallels from the alleged diet of the Stone Age man, who is said to have eat during the night while hunt during the day.

Introduced by Hofmelkar, this is not just a dietary program but also involves a work out regime.

Read more about it, here.


UpDayDownDay involves counting calories.

It is very simple to understand but the execution is a whole lot harder.

What you are supposed to do is eat 1/5th of recommended calories one day, total number of recommended calories the next and continue this loop. (1/5th– 1 – 1/5th – 1…)

So, assuming your recommended calories are present in one apple this is how you will go about your daily diet…

For Men- Recommended Calories : 2500

For Women – Recommended Calories : 2000

Spontaneous Fasting/ Eating

This is perhaps the Simplest Method of Intermittent Fasting.

Spontaneous Eating Method makes your mind and body responsible of your health, something we consider dangerous.

Not because our minds are incapable of making fairly good decisions but because making precise judgments is the most important part of this type of Intermittent Fasting.

You eat just enough whenever you are really hungry and not at regular intervals.

Source: Pintrest

Say, you feel hungry at 9 pm today; you eat food proportional to your hunger level. You starve until you feel hungry enough again and eat food just enough to satiate that hunger. You continue this and you are on Intermittent Fasting.

NOTE: You must have a more than fair idea of exactly how much food will exactly satiate your hunger, eating anything more or less than that amount will not do you any good. This is something that will take time to develop, so be ready to fail multiple number of times before you can succeed.

These are the most popular Methods of Intermittent Fasting that people have adopted and have got results; positive as well as negative.

Try each of them if you wish to. There is a good chance one of them works for you, but if none do; we are going to be here always -To help you achieve your health and weight goals. Because we believe the health and weight are closely knitted parameters of the human body.

We highly recommend that you read this piece.

The biggest problem with dieting is keeping yourself from eating when you must be starving yourself. Going from a regular diet to a strictly restricted one, is a loooong journey which very few people are able to embark on and complete successfully.

All The Best! Stay Tuned For More!

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