Adopted by millions around the world and now neglected by the developers themselves, Yoga has never had as many practitioners as it does today.

Yoga, a not so famous form of exercise until a few years ago, offers mind-blowing benefits to its practitioners which no other single form of exercise can.

Not merely a form of exercise, Yoga is a rejuvenating act; not only for the body but also for the mind and the spirit alike. This is perhaps the most important aspect of Yoga which makes people stick to it – spiritual gains.

International Yoga Day is celebrated around the world on 21st June since 2014. People around the world gather in huge numbers to perform Yoga together.

The rise of Yoga in the Western World was perhaps due to the many Hollywood Superstars publicly declaring their practice and the general benefits of Yoga which made more and more people take it up.

The ever-increasing list of celebs who practice Yoga already includes the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Kate Hudson, Shilpa Shetty, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone… to name a few.

However, mere publicity does not and cannot make something sustain. People who tried Yoga were overwhelmed by the results it gave and those who adopted this exercise, also stuck to it.

While Yoga’s popularity has been constantly increasing outside the Indian Subcontinent, it has few takers in the very country it was developed in!

Yoga provides unmatched benefits, some of which we decided to list down to remind you of this homegrown art that you must inculcate in your routine for an overall better life.

Yo Yoga

Yoga is a free size T-shirt (with customizable designs)

Yoga is not just for a specific set of people; say, people who are stressed or people who are overweight. Yoga is for everyone! Even to the ones who are reasonably fit – it just changes your life for the better.

Yoga has so many asanas (postures)each with a different purpose. Irrespective of the problem(s) you are trying to tackle, you will always have a number of asanas at your disposal.


Bikram, an intense work out is a specific fraction of Yoga which has emerged only in the last 45-50 years.

Developed by Bikram Choudhary, Bikram consists of only 26 asanas or postures which are to be performed over 90 minutes under specific conditions for maximum benefit.

Popular footballer David Beckham is an avid practitioner of Bikram and has encouraged its adoption it even among his friends and family.

Flexibility and Strength

Yoga involves a lot of stretching and the more you stretch yourself, the more flexible you become.

Yoga has asanas that have the potential to make your entire body more flexible with regular practice. And who doesn’t love a flexible body!

The regular practice of Yoga also increases body strength and you’ll be able to deal better with the occasionally adamant lid over the container of your favourite snacks.

Increase blood supply

In today’s lifestyle, we hardly exercise and the most we do is stretch our back or crack our knuckles but what about the shoulders, the toes, the torso… How do you expect they keep up their functionality?

Just as your car or bike needs servicing, your body needs servicing. Yoga can provide this servicing by regular practice.

When we perform Yoga, we stretch consciously or, due to the virtue of the asana you perform, subconsciously. The end result it that we end up stretching most of our body parts.

This increases the blood flow to all your body parts. A nice distributed blood flow ensure good health of your body.

Also, your body is easily rid of toxins due to a more efficient blood flow.

Keeps away common and serious illnesses alike

As ridiculous as this sounds, I have a first hand experience that proves this point.

My dad has Asthama and sinus issues. Rather ‘had’. My dad’s friend, a passionate Yogi, almost forced him to do specific asanas that concentrate on and improve breathing (Kapalbhaat, Pranayam etc).

The results were nothing short of astonishing. My dad got rid of Asthama almost completely, something that no medicines could ever accomplish. Also, the sinus issues were sorted to a great extent.

Since then, my dad has been doing Yoga regularly and not only the breathing asanas but also many others that Yoga has to offer.

Weight Loss

Regularly practicing any form of exercise ensures you burn more calories and so does Yoga.

More Calories Burnt = More Weight Lost!

Mental And Spiritual Peace

The best for the last.

While there are many forms of exercise that develop your physical traits, there is no single exercise form that gives you mental and spiritual benefits as well.

So many people are regular in the practice of Yoga only for the mental and spiritual benefits; for them the physiological benefits may or may not be of much importance.

The stress that gets to so many people can be managed really well by practicing Yoga. People who practice Yoga on a daily basis to find moments of peace in everyday chaos and an overall stressful life.

This is so so important because most chronic and fatal diseases like those of the heart, lungs, diabetes, stroke are directly related to stress.

No Yoga; No Peace.
Know Yoga; Know Peace.

Practicing only a few magical asanas will rid you of the unwanted stress and introduce a whole new dimension of peace into your lives.

Yoga is simply magical and doesn’t take a lot of your invaluable time. It guarantees you a better life on all fronts.

We don’t know what should stop you from taking up Yoga and live and experience a transformed, better life!

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