In our previous post (See it, here) we saw how Yoga has become a forgotten practice in India, the very country that developed this form of exercise.

The benefits of Yoga are all brilliant and unending! So are the asanas in Yoga!

We have listed down those which are not only easy to perform but also considered highly effective.

These are simple to perform asanas and have no particular need of expert guidance. Hence, we recommend you start right away!

Best Yoga Exercises

Seated Forward Bend

A very basic asana, the Seated Forward Bend will rid you of lower back problems, apart from increasing your flexibility. It is also associated with improving digestion.


Learn how to execute it perfectly, here.

Standing Forward Bend

Another simple to do exercise, this is similar to the Seated Forward Bend and offers similar benefits to your body.


Learn its execution, here.

Seated Twist

Improves flexibility through stretching and increases blood supply to the affected parts. By holding this pose, you tone your abdomen effectively.


Learn it, here.


Strengthens arms and shoulders as well as fingers, generally neglected, are exercised.


The most popular set of postures in Yoga, Suryanamaskar consists of 12 exercises which are supposed to be performed in a predefined order.


Suryanamaskar literally means salutation to the Sun.

Learn Suryanamaskar!

Meditation Postures

Meditation Postures have only slight physiological benefits, but the mental effects they have on you are simply incredible.

A number of Meditation Postures are described. Utilize them while you contemplate peace. OOOOMMMM!


Know About Meditation Postures, here.

So these are some really simple to execute Yoga Exercises.

We highly recommend that you start inculcating these in your routine right away as these will build the foundation to the advanced Yoga Exercises that you can learn later on!

All The Best! Stay Tuned!

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