Cat Pose or Marjarasana is a yoga pose which improves the flexibility of your body; especially your back and arms.

Learn how to do it through video and instructions…

Cat Pose, Marjarasana – How To Do It Correctly

  • Balance yourself on your knees and hand. Your palms should face the floor. Your back should be straight.
  • Now tighten your body, lift your head by bending your neck such that you are looking skywards and drop your belly to the ground. Inhale while you do this step.
  • Now arch your back, drop your head such that you are looking at your knees. Exhale while you do this step.
  • Repeat.

Cat Pose, Marjarasana – Things To Remember

This is a fairly simple exercise. However, do not rush in to it. Be in complete control of your movements, do not make sudden movements or jerk your neck and you should be good.

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