Chair Dips are basic exercises for your biceps and triceps.

All you need is a chair…

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Chair Dips – Step-By-Step

  • Sit on the edge of your chair with your palms curled around the edge of the chair you are sitting on. This is done to determine the best position for your hands.
  • Plant your feet away than usual from the chair.
  • Now slowly get away from the chair with your hands and feet in the same position as in the previous steps. (This is your starting position)
  • Relax your hands to lower yourself in a controlled motion.
  • Now raise yourself in a controlled motion using the force of your hands.
  • Repeat.

Chair Dips – Precautions

  • Place the chair against a wall or something heavy and immovable. There is a good chance that it may slip.
  • Keep your back as close as possible to the edge of the chair.
  • Look in the forward direction throughout this exercise.

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