High Knees is a fairly simple and low intensity exercise.

It acts as a great warm up and readies your for the upcoming workout.

High Knees – How To Do High Knees

  • Stand straight with your feet planted together and hands in natural position.
  • Lift your right knee and slightly bend your left knee to distribute your weight properly. Breathe in while doing this step.
  • Go back to the starting position. Breathe out while doing this step.
  • Repeat with left leg

High Knees – Tips and Precautions

  • This is a warm up exercise so take it easy. Make sure you are stretching well.
  • Use your hands if you are finding it difficult to lift your legs to a decent height. Gradually you won’t need to use your hands.
  • Look forward at times. People tend to look at their knees. Maintain posture throughout the exercise.

Although not an exercise per se, High Knees is something that you must know.

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