Side leg raises, on contrary to what they suggest, is actually a pretty effective glute exercise.

You work your glutes, shoulders and improve your balance.

Here’s how to do the perfect side leg raise…

Side Leg Raises – Step-By-Step

  • Place yourself on your hands and knees. Look directly downwards at the ground/floor.
  • Now, move your left leg away from your body toward the left side such that your left feet is planted on the ground.
  • Slowly, in a controlled motion, lift your left leg while keeping the rest of your body steady. Lift it as much as you can.
  • Bring it back to rest.
  • Repeat with your right leg.

Side Leg Raises – Tips and Precautions

  • Keep your head still at all the times.
  • Do not jerk your knee when you lift your leg. It should happen in a controlled motion.

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