Side Lunges Exercise is not the toughest, but not the simplest either.

Keep the following points in mind and you should be good…

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Side Lunges – Step-By-Step

  • Stand with your legs together and your hands on your hips.
  • Stick out your right leg side wards at a comfortable distance. (Greater Distance=Greater Difficulty=Greater Benefits)
  • Now, put your entire weight on your right leg and bend your knee. Do this step while breathing in.
  • Now release the weight off your right leg while inhaling and then assume the starting position.
  • Repeat with the other leg.

Side Lunges – Things To Remember…

  • Everything should happen in a controlled manner. Go slow and never jerk your feet.
  • Start with smaller distance between the feet (if necessary) and increase it gradually.
  • Keep your hands on your hips at all the times.

Side lunges exercise helps in increasing the flexibility of your legs.

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