A few people find squats pretty easy.

In such cases, we challenge them with this calf variation of the squat exercise…

Squats Calf Variation – Step-By-Step

  • Stand as shown in your card. Feet apart more than shoulder length and hands on your
  • Now lower yourself as you would in a regular squat.
  • Repeat.
  • Squats Calf Variation – Tips and Precautions

    • If you are unable to do this calf variation of squats exercise, you probably haven’t perfected the regular squat exercise yet.
    • If you are not keeping more than shoulder-width distance between your feet, this exercise becomes doable. Start with smaller distances between your feet if necessary and then gradually increase it.
    • Keep your head still and hands on your hips at all the times during this exercise.
    • To increase the intensity of this exercise, try supporting yourself on your toes by raising your heels when you are in the squat position.

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